Thursday, September 22, 2005

Critics Review Shoot-Out

Press has begun to roll in for our latest film, "Shoot-Out."

We would like to thank Duane L. Martin of Rogue Cinema who reviewed our film immediately upon receiving it.

He wrote an amazing review, here is an excerpt...

"I never cease to be amazed what people can do with home, semi-pro, and even prosumer equipment nowadays. Things that used to take tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, can now be shot and produced on a relatively miniscule budget. Just recently, shorts like Broken, Artie Saves the Hood, and now Shoot-Out have all really impressed me with the creativity and technical skill used to create highly memorable short films."

Here is the full review, Shoot-Out Review
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We would also like to thank Chad Connolly of MvMMDI ( and his prompt review of our film as well. A guy who admits he is not a fan of sports movies but really enjoyed our film.

Another fantastic review. Here is a quote...

"If you're interested in short films and enjoy a movie that will make you think (especially that ending), give this one a shot when it hits DVD."

Here is the full review, MoviesMadeMe

What People Are Saying About Shoot-Out!

"I was blown away!"
---------------------------Cam Montgomergy Jr.
----------------------------MJ Management

"This could be the start of something very big!"

"It was a great movie. Definitely the best that they've done."
---------------------------Benjamin Pratt
----------------------------Radio Producer

"The shots were amazing!"
---------------------------Kevin Deen

"Amazing! Really enjoyed it."
---------------------------Zokai Holmes

"The best short film I've seen in many, many years...
you guys did a fu*#ing excellent job!"

---------------------------David Murphy

"(Dave's) got a really good knack for telling stories and directing."
---------------------------Brian Erzen

"Unique and original...makes you think."
---------------------------Edward Spivak

"It was incredible film...this is going to
be something people are going to want to have in
their archives."

----------------------------Ray Ortega

Shoot-Out Premiere Photo Party

Daniel Sol, Actor and Co-Star of Shoot-Out.

Jenn Tomczyszyn and Mike Sandy enjoy something to eat at the Premiere.

Actors Frantz Durand, Daniel Sol, and Kevin Deen.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Premiere Date set for "SHOOT-OUT"

"He was looking for a game, just not this one."

The Exclusive World Premiere of our newest short film, "SHOOT-OUT" is scheduled for this Saturday, September 17th at an undisclosed location in Glendale, California. Industry, media and friends alike will gather for this event. While we all sit poolside, the film will be projected onto the big screen around 9pm. Throughout we will enjoy catered food and beverage. For details please contact us at

For those of you unable to attend the Premiere, stay tuned for when the DVD becomes available.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Holly Shorts Photo Minute

Writer/Director David Branin with Actor Alex Sol inside The Space Theater.

Actor Damon Campbell (Weekend GET AWAY!) and Actor Mike Sandy looking serious at the Holly Shorts Film Festival.