Sunday, August 17, 2008

Night Before the Wedding Teaser Trailer Exclusive Premiere Tonight!

David Branin will debut his internet-only 'Extended Teaser Trailer' for his upcoming feature film, Night Before the Wedding tonight at midnight PDT. This trailer does not contain one frame of footage from the film itself. So there is no need to worry about any spoilers. It is simply meant to arouse and tease. is hosting the trailer's exclusive premiere. So for everyone who wants a first-look at what this much anticipated film may bring, be by your computers tonight at Midnight, PDT.

Night Before the Wedding is about straight-laced William Shay who is about weds his soul mate, but first he must get through one last wild night with his best buddies…

The trailer features cast members, John Keating, Kristen Sullivan, Gregor Collins, Chad Davis, Johnny Giordano, La'Rin Lane, Michael Shaun Sandy, Sarah Ronaghi, Kevin Deen, Frantz Durand, and James Anthony McQuillan.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NBTW Fundraiser on Friday (8/15/08)

We are hosting a Fundraising Event for our upcoming Feature Film, entitled “Night Before the Wedding.” (

The event is to take place on Friday August 15th from 8pm to 11pm.

Music Center 5th Floor
135 Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

We are doing our best to finish a film that has been almost a year in the making. We are almost there, yet still have quite a bit of money of raise to see it through.

The Fundraising Event itself will feature the talents of Annie “McFunny” McKnight who will serve as Host along with Femke Weidema, Brightmillion, Paula Lobos, Woah Gudda, Loy Simmers and Jordan Allen.

We will be unveiling the ‘Teaser Trailer’ to our Film. For those afraid of spoilers, have no fear as this trailer does not contain one frame of footage from the actual movie itself.

Special note – The film itself will certainly be Rated R, though everything related to this event will be a clean good time.

Tickets are $20, please RSVP to
(Tickets include 2 Drinks from the Bar)
It will also be $8 for parking.

Pre-Order DVD Sales Over $1000 in Sales

We are proud to report that Pre-Order DVD sales for Night Before the Wedding have already surpassed $1000 in sales. Pretty cool considering we haven't even made the film yet.

We still have quite a bit of money to raise to be able to complete the film. Yet this is a great start. We are offering our DVD Buyers the opportunity to have their Names put into the Film's Ending Credits along with Thanking them on our official site,

You can help us get our movie made. Ten out of 15 dollars for every Pre-Ordered DVD goes into our film budget. You can order the DVD from our MySpace page, and from our official site,

If you are in the Los Angeles area, we are throwing a Fundraising event on August 15th, 2008 in Downtown Los Angeles at the illustrious Music Center. The event will feature performances by Host Annie 'McFunny' McKnight, Loy Simmers, Femke Weidema, Paula Lobos, Brightmillion, Woah Gudda and Jordan Allen. Tickets are $20 and include Two Drinks. The event is scheduled to run from 8pm to 11pm.

Night Before the Wedding now listed on IMDB!

We've just been added to 'Earth's Biggest Movie Database' otherwise known as IMDB.

You are welcome to stop by and take a peek.  We are still working on getting the page up to speed.


NBTW Teaser Trailer to be Unveiled at Fundraiser 8/15/08

We are throwing a party on Friday, August 15th.  Go ahead and mark you calendars.

It is a Fundraiser and Cast/Crew Party for our upcoming feature film, Night Before the Wedding (  The film is in production and we require more funding to see the project through to completion.

The night will feature LIVE ENTERTAINMENT, BAR, and the unveiling of the film's EXTENDED TEASER TRAILER.  (For those afraid of spoilers, do not worry as there is not one frame of film footage in the teaser trailer.)

 Location:   135 North Grand Avenue

                 Los Angeles, CA 90012

 Time:        8pm-11pm

Further details coming very soon.

Special Thanks to those Pre-Ordering our DVD

Our official site for Night Before the Wedding( is a work in progress. The next page to be added is one that thanks our DVD Visionaries, those special individuals who are supporting our upcoming project by Pre-Ordering the DVD.

Summed up quickly, we are taking 10 out of 15 dollars and putting the money into our production budget. In return we are thanking our DVD Visionaries on our Official Site and we will be putting their Names in the Film's Ending Credits.

If you are interested in supporting our project, you can order online at Or if you would like to order offline, please contact us at

The list of supporters is steadily growing.

Maria V. Altmann – Vienna, Austria

Jose Amaro – Los Angeles, CA

Phil Begin – Los Angeles, CA

Jason Benjamin – Catonsville, MD

Josh Biondi - Carlsbad, CA

Jud Bogard – North Hollywood, CA

Marie Botello – Claremont, CA

Tyshawn Bryant – Glendale, CA

James Butler – Knoxville, TN

Christian Collins – London, United Kingdom

Keith Collins – Washington, DC

Mary and Paul Collins – Boston, MA

Len Cordova – Burbank, CA

Blake Cox – North Hollywood, CA

Cam DeVictor – Venice, CA

Brian Erzen – North Hollywood, CA

Jennifer Frank – Van Nuys, CA

Kimshelley Garner – Lawndale, CA

Kathryn Grant – Reston, VA

Ivo Gerscovich -

Julie Gillespie – Edgerton, KS

Bill Housekeeper – Price, UT

Nathan Irvine -

Gillian Jacob - VA

Jovial Kemp – North Hollywood, CA

Ezra Kramer - Hermosa Beach, CA

Roxie Lee – Hastings, NE

David Lincoln – Los Angeles, CA

Elliott Lozano - Pasadena, CA

Keven McQueen – Berea, KY

Salomon Medina -

Derek Mehn – Studio City, CA

Johanna Park – Washington, DC

Greg Phelan – Los Angeles, CA

Karl Schuhmacher – St. Charles, MO

Candice Schultz -

Jordan White – Los Angeles, CA

Zachary Williams – Yonkers, NY

Randall Wright – Corona, CA

Friday, August 08, 2008

NBTW Teaser Trailer to Premiere Tonight at HollyShorts ’08

Had a wild time at the Opening Night of the 4th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival last night. Came away with some exciting moments. We got our promotional items into the hands of Paul Haggis, Josh Brolin, and Larry Hankin amongst many others.

Also spoke with the Festival Organizers Theo Dumont and Daniel Sol. They were inquiring about what I had in the works. Let them know about our upcoming Fundraising Event on Friday August 15th and how we were going to have a special screening of the 'Teaser Trailer' for Night Before the Wedding.

They made the offer to screen it tonight at Club Nacional as part of the HollyShorts Film Festival and it was an offer I couldn't turn down. I turned in a copy to them today and they will screen the trailer tonight before their slate of Music Videos. It is a FREE event that even includes some free drinks. Just get your RSVP in to RSVP@HOLLYSHORTS.COM

The address is 1645 Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood, CA. The event runs from 7pm to 11pm. If you are in the area, get out and check it out. Going to be a fanstastic night. Let us know what you think of our 'Teaser Trailer' and for those of you worried about *spoilers*....don't worry, there isn't an ounce of footage from the movie itself in the trailer.