Monday, December 18, 2006


Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa 2006 isn't the only Balboa film being released this week. The story of Rocky's unheralded and unknown sibling, Ricky Balboa, will also make it's way into the public's eye.

The film is written and directed by Aaron Caine (King of K-Town). It stars Jovial Kemp (A New Yawk Life) as Ricky Balboa. It also features the Dream Regime's own, Daniel Sol (Shoot-Out, Bodywash Spoof). Below is an exclusive photo of Daniel on set.

Expect more on the film very soon.


Over 15 Film Festival Official Selections for "Shoot-Out" now as it will screen at Trail Dance in Duncan Oklahoma the weekend of January 26th-28th.

"Shoot-Out" is the critically acclaimed and award winning independent hoops drama written and directed by David Branin. It stars Tyshawn Bryant and Daniel Sol. It has recently been awarded "Best Film With A Gun And A Basketball Since White Men Can't Jump" by FCP Podcast and has been featured at,,, and "Shoot-Out" features breathtaking cinematography, actors that can ball, and an ending you'll be talking to your friends about.

More on the Trail Dance Film Festival:

The Trail Dance Film Festival is a contest-based event where filmmakers from across the globe present their films to be judged. Only the good films screen and only the best films win. The event spans three days and everyone is invited to attend. Films are presented in three categories; short film, feature film, and documentary. The content of the films is anything from comedy to horror, western to drama. Trail Dance Film Festival is sure to have a film for everyone! Trail Dance will be held at the Simmons Center; 800 Chisholm Trail Parkway in Duncan. Tickets will be available at the door or in advance at the Simmons Center Box Office.

Spectacular Award for "Shoot-Out"

F.C.P. Podcast, which grows in popularity here on MySpace and on iTunes where it continues to rise as one of the most downloaded podcasts, has announced their Best and Worst of Myspace Awards Volume 2.

From their press release...

"After 17 weeks of MySpace film reviews we are here to wrap up the awards for the Best and Worst Films of MySpace Volume 2!

In the last 17 weeks we have reviewed over 100 films and have watched almost a thousand. These are the 17 films we believe you have to watch because so much time was put into these that have touched many people on MySpace and beyond."

With that, here is the Award for "Shoot-Out" from F.C.P. Podcast

Best Film With A Gun And A Basketball Since White Men Can't Jump

Awesome! Thank you F.C.P. Podcast! Any filmmakers reading this need to send a copy of your film to FCP. They are one of the best resources we have come across here on MySpace.

Check out their page and add them to your network! From there you can learn how to download the show from iTunes.

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