Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now Featured at ElevationMag.com!!!

We are proud to announce that ElevationMag.com now features a Shoot-Out banner on their site. They wrote an amazing review about our film a few months ago. They have such great appreciation for the film they wanted to showcase it on their site.

The best thing about it is that ElevationMag.com is an awesome site. The guys who run it are huge basketball fanatics. They have "Around the NBA" which gives you full NBA coverage each and every day. Even a section with Daily NBA Headlines for every team. They have new original stories every week and also have coverage of college and street hoops.

Thanks to ElevationMag.com. We are proud to be in partnership with you!

Monday, January 15, 2007

"The Ricky Balboa Story" NOW ONLINE!!!

Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa 2006 isn't the only Balboa film being released last month. The story of Rocky's unheralded and unknown sibling, Ricky Balboa, has also made it's way into the public's eye.

The film is written and directed by Aaron Caine (King of K-Town). It stars Jovial Kemp (A New Yawk Life) as Ricky Balboa.

It also features the work of two members of the Dream Regime, Daniel Sol (Shoot-Out, Bodywash Spoof) plays the Champ's Agent. David Branin (Shoot-Out, Honey I'm Home) is given a credit as Guest Director.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our First Feature Film - 1st Blog

We have launched "Our First Feature Film" MySpace Page and late last night we posted our first blog about where we are at and what you can expect. Below is the full blog as copied from our new page. If you would like to keep close tabs on the development of our first feature film, please do not hesitate to add the page to your friends. It can be accessed through our top friends.


Appreciate your interest in our film. This page will grow and expand the way this project will grow and expand. We're going to do our best to take you along for the ride from start to finish. We want to give you an inside look on what it's like to take a project from it's initial idea all the way through to it's finished feature film. We are excited about the journey ourselves. Please wish us well. We can use your enthusiasm and support. Hope you enjoy the ride.

As of this typing, we are about 70-75% done with the first draft. We have just come up with the title which we hope to unveil soon. We do not want to reveal it at this early stage.

What to look out for in upcoming blogs...

...Will get you tuned into what this whole friggin' thing is about...

...Would like to let you know about the idea that spawned this whole project...

...Will give you some of our backstory...

...Will let you know about each phase of this project as we come to it (although the first draft is still unfinished, we had our first unofficial table read with 5 Actors who are close to the project this past week)...

...casting, auditions, may even post some video tape of them here...

...and much much much more...

Here's to 2007! Please check back to see how far we have come. To see which stage we are at. Maybe you will take part in what we believe is a fantastic project.

We will be looking for producers, actors, a cinematographer, a casting director, an editor, a composer, artists, publicists, clothing designers, musicians, set designer, audio supervisor, grips, audio supervisor, 1st AD, etc. etc, the full spectrum.

HollyShorts '07 Call For Entries (Let's Go Earlybirds!)

Happy New Year Filmmakers!!!

HollyShorts is now taking submissions for the 2007 Festival!!!  They accepted over 50 great films last year.  It's a festival that offers a great personal touch from founders Theo Dumont and Daniel Sol. 

Now is the time to catch it at the very affordable $15 per submission for the earlybird period which lasts until February 9th.

HollyShorts '07 Call For Entries - PDF

HollyShorts '07 - Withoutabox Entry