Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jamin Winans INK set to Open in Denver 3/13/09

For those of you who 'Follow' this blog, you are aware of Jamin Winans INK. If you are new allow me to recap by saying that INK is a must see film. Here is the full review I wrote not too long ago,

This magnificent film is now poised to open in two days in Denver, CO. My encouragement to anyone reading this who is going to be anywhere near Denver from 3/13/09 to 3/27/09 is you have to get out and see this film in the theater. It will be well worth your time. This film is building positive reviews across the board and is destined to gather a huge cult following.

INK premieres in Denver, CO this Friday, March 13th at the Starz FilmCenter at the Tivoli and will play through March 27th.

For further ticket info, please visit

For more on INK you can visit the official site,

If for various reasons you cannot see this film during it's premiere run, yet are still interested in seeing this film, you can join the mailing list from the Official Site above and/or sign up as a Fan on INK's brand new Facebook Fan Page, That way you can stay up to date on when it becomes available in your area.

And just for good measure, here is the latest trailer if you have not seen it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My short film "Shoot-Out" now available in it's entirety

At the persuasion of close friend Brian Erzen, I have decided to release the full version of my short film Shoot-Out online.

This film represents a lot to me. It is my first scripted effort. Every film I did before Shoot-Out didn't have an exact script. They were outlined improv pieces. And other than Night Before the Wedding, this is the only other film that we had a production budget for. It's also my first film to be accepted into a Film Festival and win an award. All told it was accepted into over 20 International Film Festivals.

The film stars Tyshawn Bryant and Daniel Sol. These guys put a lot of work in with me making this film. I don't know how many days it was, but there was quite a bit of rehearsal for this little short film. Including at least two days of choreographing parts of the basketball action. Not to mention that the filming of this short took place during extremely hot days in July and August in Porter Ranch, CA which has it's share of brush fires.

Allow me once again to thank my extraordinary crew on this one, Ivan Vatez Rodriguez the Cinematographer. Andy Brennan the 1st AD for holding things together. Jesse Pinder for Production Sound Mixer and Boom Mic Operator. Key Make-Up Artist, Keith Beck. Editor and Sound Designer Damon Stout. Kevin Deen for doing everything from Stand-In, to Second Boom to Key Production Assistant. Mike Gin, Production Assistant. Karen Worden our Still Photographer and Script Supervisor. To Michael Shaun Sandy my Creative Basketball Consultant. And additionally behind the scenes to Janna Magnusson our Graphic Designer, Alex Schwartz our Foley Recording Artist, Jean-Pierre LeFlore After Effects Artist and Andy Ta our DVD Author.

With that, here it is for your viewing pleasure. I am not sure how much promotion I will do. Hoping this can find an audience with it's own legs, but just in case, would be great to have you pass it on to anyone you would like.