Monday, November 27, 2006

Number 1 Story on Digg Today...

"Religious Freaks Gone Wild" is stirring up a lot of controversy again.

Thank you chiu3389 on posting our video on Digg.  It is the number one story/video on the site today with over 1200 Digs and over 200 comments.

Here is the link,

Religous Freaks Gone Wild is Number 1 on Digg

For those of you checking that video out, you should take two minutes and check out the "Bodywash Spoof"

We have much more coming your way.

What does it take to have one of the most popular blogs on Blogger?

Don't have the answer to the subject line of this blog, but we would like to say thank you to the thousands who are reading our blog today. It is quite a surprise. We haven't figured it out yet, but there is a tremendous spike in our work led by a resurgence of our video "Religious Freaks Gone Wild" Even though it has already been seen by millions, its view count has trickled down to about a thousand a week, until today where thousands upon thousands are checking it out. For those who haven't seen it, here it is.

We appreciate the many of you who are checking out our work. We also welcome you to check out the "Bodywash Spoof" if you haven't already seen it, as well as the opening minutes of our critically acclaimed and award winning short film, "Shoot-Out"

Our best to you! Happy Holidays! We have much more coming your way.

From all of us at the Dream Regime


We have just completed a distribution deal with FilmBaby.
"Shoot-Out" is now available for purchase through their site

We are thrilled that FilmBaby now offers "Shoot-Out" as it opens up another outlet where our fans can buy the DVD.

About "Shoot-Out"

"Shoot-Out" is the critically acclaimed and award winning independent hoops drama written and directed by David Branin. It stars Tyshawn Bryant and Daniel Sol. It has recently been featured at,,, and It features breathtaking cinematography, actors that can ball, and an ending you'll be talking to your friends about.

More about Filmbaby

Film Baby is a dream-come-true for fans of Independent Film and those who create it. At Film Baby, we have a love for all things artful and Independent: music, media, coffee, retail, and film. We recognize and appreciate the honesty, intensity, and emotion that are born as a result of crafting a small budget film.

Film Baby is much more than a store. It is a destination for film fans to learn about different genres of movies, discover new directors, and spend countless hours viewing trailers.

With a worldwide audience of film fans, Film Baby provides film makers with a targeted outlet for their works. Our agreements with artists are non-exclusive, artist friendly, and in the true spirit of Independent Art Culture. We exist to propel indie film forward, not to gouge those who entertain, educate, and move us. Film Baby is constantly making moves that will benefit the whole of the indie film making community.

Los Angeles Screening this Tuesday November 14th!!!

Our award winning, critically acclaimed, hoops action/drama "Shoot-Out" will screen in Los Angeles on Tuesday, November 14th!

Here's the lowdown,

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fleace Weaver of

Tanya Kersey and Shannon Wiggins of

Hollywood Black Film   Festival

Abby Harris of Juke Joint Promotions

and KJLH Radio 102.3 FM

presents ….

If you missed INDI: Licks & Flicks last month, you missed a hot one! The house was packed once again for this exciting new duo industry event. If you missed's the skinny! Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, The Hollywood Black Film Festival, A Juke Joint Promotions and KJLH Radio will line-up some the fiercest independent musicians and filmmakers for a night of shorts and live entertainment, followed by a wicked dance party.

Performing INDI Artists:

November Flicks


Writer/Director: David Branin

Watch the trailer!

"Best Kept Secret"

Writers: Erin Norman and Karimah Westbrook

INDI: Licks & Flicks

Tuesday, November 14th

The Bungalow Club

7174 Melrose Ave

(1 block West of La Brea)

(323) 964-9494

Doors Open: 6:00 pm

Screenings: 8:30 pm

Live Entertainment: 9:15 pm

Party: 10:00 pm - 1:00 am

FREE admission for you and Your Guests- to capacity

$5 Happy Hour

Appetizers, Martinis and Mojitos from 6pm - 7pm

Dinner Menu Will Be Available Until 11:00 pm

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Speak Polish? 

We are getting a lot of love from which is a Polish Streetball website.  Our man Arek has provided an amazing review of "Shoot-Out" making streetball fans in Poland and throughout the world (we've been hit up ballers from Poland and Hungary) aware of our award winning, critically acclaimed independent hoops drama.

We love the press.  Big ups to Arek and Londer who run the site.  They tell us to look out for an english version of the site down the line.

Good News, Bad News

The Bad:  We must apologize to our fans in Austin, TX who were geared up to see "Shoot-Out" on the big screen during the upcoming 28th Flicker Film Festival.  We have been informed that "Shoot-Out" has been removed from the schedule and will not screen.  Our deepest apologies.  Not sure when "Shoot-Out" will be back in the area.  Please monitor our page for the latest news. 

The Good:  The committee made "Shoot-Out" an official selection.  Flicker is a festival that only accepts films made on film, somehow we did not catch that and submitted "Shoot-Out" anyway.  With it's beautiful cinematography, "Shoot-Out" fooled the committee, they accepted the film believing it was shot on film.  It wasn't until later they realized that it was shot on digital.  Big ups to our cinematographer Ivan Vatez Rodriguez!

Our next screening will now be held November 14th in Los Angeles in coordinatiion with the Hollywood Black Film Festival.  Scroll down in our blog or see our screenings section for further details.

2500 Views for "Shoot-Out"

Things have been hectic so it has been hard to keep up with all the news happening. Over this past week, the amount of combined views for the opening minutes of "Shoot-Out" has surpassed the 2500 clip.

Thank you to all who are supporting our work, writing your comments and buying "Shoot-Out"

Our best,

David, Tyshawn, Daniel

"Shoot-Out" is Headline News for!!!

We have received amazing coverage from "Shoot-Out" is currently on the front page in the Headline News - Around the Street Section.

Inside there is an awesome review written by our man Mark Slane. We are thrilled with the coverage and cannot thank Mark enough. He is writing from the perspective of a basketball fan. It's easy as a basketball fan to see a basketball movie and come away disappointed. We're glad that wasn't the case here.

The Link to the Full Review:

"Absolutely captivating and yes it is a little bit nerve-racking."

Official Selection: Flicker Film Festival, Austin TX

"Shoot-Out" is an Official Selection to the Flicker Film Festival in Austin, Texas.  Coming off of two previous screenings in Wichita Falls we are excited to have the opportunity to screen in the budding filmmaking city of Austin.

"Shoot-Out" is the critically acclaimed and award winning story of two men playing a basketball game of the death.  It has recently been featured on the cover of "Hoops Magazine" as well as,, and  It stars Tyshawn Bryant and Daniel Sol and was written and directed by David Branin.

More on the Flicker Film Festival: Austin

Madmen, UFOs, and fairy tale princesses will converge on the big screen at the 28th Flicker Film Festival.  The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, always a gracious host, will serve up this smorgasbord of food and flicks on Thursday, November 9th. The festivities will kick off at 7 p.m. and tickets are only $5.

Local filmmakers will be featured alongside national and international shorts that demonstrate the subtle genius that can only be captured on film. "Cold?" by Norwood Cheek, a Flicker LA regular, and Austin based Lion & Leon Production's "Unidentified Flying Object" will be included in this evening's collection of short films that promises to have something for everyone. After enlightening and entertaining the audience of Flicker 27 with their critical film insights on the eternal debate over the superiority of cop dog to sport dog movies, the DragonSquad will return to host another Flicker. This Austin-based improv troupe, composed of members of Ed 32 and the Polite Society, will continue to plumb the depths of cinematic criticism as only they can.

And because Flicker is always looking for ways to give back to its audience, gift certificates to Austin Java, Waterloo Records, Blazer Tag, and many more beloved Austin establishments will be raffled off. At the end of the evening, the audience has the opportunity to vote for their favorite films of the night. The winner will be added to a "Best of Flicker" compilation that will be exhibited at the end of the year.

To purchase tickets online, visit Alamo Drafthouse at

Tyshawn Bryant Feature Article in the New Britain Herald!!!

From New Britain to Hollywood

Great to see Dream Regime's own, Tyshawn Bryant, have a feature article written on his journey from his hometown of New Britain to Los Angeles.  It provides a great look at where he has come from  and to where he is going.

The Link:   "Fear is not an option"

Daniel Sol and Tyshawn Bryant talk about "Shoot-Out"

Upcoming Los Angeles Screening November 14th!!!

Hollywood Black Film Festival and JukeJoint Entertainment Presents...

Indi Licks and Flicks with

We're proud to announce an upcoming screening of "Shoot-Out" at Indi Licks and Flicks at the Bungalow Club located at 7171 Melrose Avenue.  It will take place on Tuesday November 14th at 7pm. 

This is NO ADMISSION FEE.  If you want guest list information, leave a comment and we'll get back to you.  They'll have a $5 Happy Hour offering Appetizers, Martinis, and Mojitos.

"Shoot-Out" is the critically acclaimed film of two men playing a basketball game of one-on-one to the death.  Written and Directed by David Branin, it stars Tyshawn Bryant and Daniel Sol.  It has recently been featured on the cover of 'Hoops Magazine' as well as and

99 Reasons to Buy "Shoot-Out"

Let us thank all of you who have supported us by purchasing our "Shoot-Out" DVD. It means a lot that you have showed faith in our work and faith that we have delivered a quality product. The feedback has been positive and you have now put us in a position where we now just need to sell 99 more DVD's to cover our initial production costs and meet our next goal. Thank you for embracing our work and spreading the word.

You can order the DVD from our MySpace page or from

We also offer a preview of the First 3 Minutes of "Shoot-Out" on our page as well.

"Shoot-Out" Screening in TEXAS!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

For our fans in Texas! "Shoot-Out" is an Official Selectin to the - Independent Film Festival of North Texas which kicks off this Halloween Weekend in Wichita Falls!

IFFYNTX is the Official Film & Music Festival based in Wichita Falls, Texas. As do all Independent Film Festivals, IFFYNTX needs your support, help spread the word and make this an annual event!

For screening info and the latest news visit IFFYNTX

For those who have not seen it yet, visit our profile and view "The First 3 Minutes of "Shoot-Out"


Thank you to our peoples at for providing front page coverage of "Shoot-Out" on their site!  We appreciate your support as we push forward to gain more exposure for our critically acclaimed film of two men playing a basketball game of the death. covers everything streetball.  Videos, news, reviews, articles, and upcoming events.  Keep checking in for the latest.