Thursday, June 30, 2005

Interview with Theo Dumont

This interview is republished courtesy of Film Synergy.

There are people you meet and quickly forget, and on the other side there is someone like Theo Dumont, co-founder of the Holly Shorts Film Festival. His smile lights up the room. His passion, energy, and positivity are contagious. He is making in-roads for himself in this industry, learn more here.

FS: What an undertaking and enterprise it is putting together a film festival! How was the idea born?

TD: First and foremost, we'd like to think Film Synergy for allowing us to participate with this fantastic site.

It's definitely quite an undertaking putting together the inaugural event. Co-founder Dan Sol and myself thought of the idea two years ago. We both work in the industry and we felt there needed to be a platform for the young, aspiring filmmakers to showcase their work. There are a lot of different festivals out there but nothing really catering to the needs of the student and the independent enthusiast. A lot of the festivals have gotten too commercial and there isn't a true indie, short-film specific, annual festival in the Hollywood area worth noting. Our organization truly enjoys short films in all genre's. We'd like to provide people with a forum each year to look forward to.

FS: Understanding how many facets there are in producing a festival, from marketing to receiving entries, to securing the venue and lining up vendors. What has been the biggest challenge thus far?

TD: In planning an event of this magnitude, there will always be bumps and bruises along the way but you have to roll your sleeves up and work extra hours to make it [the festival] as seamless as possible. Our biggest challenge to date has been getting the local community representatives involved. We'll continue to make these types of outreach efforts.

FS: For any filmmakers out there who might be interested in submitting to your festival, what do they need to know?

TD: The short films we will consider must be 30 minutes or less. The entry fee is very low at $10. We'll have a grand prize for the winner. The selected shorts will be showcased August 13-14 at The Space Theater in Hollywood in front of fellow filmmakers, industry, and enthusiasts. For additional information and the mailing address, they can contact either myself or Dan Sol at the official Holly Shorts Hotline (818)760-9897. They can also visit our official website

FS: This being your first film festival, what kind of expectations do you have?

TD: We have great expectations. Not only do we plan on having the marquee short film festival of the year, but we also plan on making this event a tradition, a place where friends can come together and watch unique, original and creative work. Before we even put out an official call for entries, we chatted the event up last year at L.A.'s Largest Mixer. The response was unprecedented and we realized how great it would be to provide this platform for the industry.

FS: Is it too early to look ahead? Will this be the only Holly Shorts Film Festival or are there more to come?

TD: Anticipating a great response from the industry, we will make Holly Shorts an annual event. We are already in discussions for a larger venue for next year.

FS: What challenges are up next for you?
TD: We are working on lining up a panel discussion featuring a slew of industry decision makers. We want our event to benefit the filmmaker, the actor, the writer, the industry. Our next challenge is to produce the event and begin planning for next year's Holly Shorts.

Dream Regime Announces Sponsorship Deal with The Holly Shorts Film Festival

To learn more on this exciting festival, please click here Holly Shorts Film Festival

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Co-Founder, Theo Dumont.

Single of the Week

Prepare Yourself for Bootay

You'll know soon enough

Inaugral Grandstand is a Success!

We would like to thank the rows of industry folks who came out to see our talented performers. They did not disappoint.

We would also like to offer our appreciation to the contributions of Alex Sol, Liane Ojito, Benjamin Pratt, Daniel Sol, Karen Worden, and the Space Theater. Without their support, our success wouldn't be possible.

"Pugnacious Assembly" Tops 500 Views

Didn't take long for this short to make to IFILM's Top 20 list.

View this instant classic here Pugnacious Assembly

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Talent to be Featured at The Grandstand

The line-up of talent to be featured at the Dream Regime's first showcase is complete. Here is a sneak peek.

"The Fourth Night" written and directed by Kevin Deen and performed by Ryan Angel and Jerry G. Angelo

"The Waiting Room" written and directed by Liane Ojito and performed by Eric Ethan, Liane Ojito, Benjamin Pratt, Melanie Specht and Katey Wheelhouse

"The Red Coat" written by John Patrick Shanley and performed by Edward Spivak and Giselle Tongi

"The Things I've Seen" written, directed, and performed by Olusegun Oduolowu

"F*ck the Dr. Phil Sh*t" written by Cam Montgomergy, Jr., directed and performed by Tyshawn Byrant and Cam Montgomery, Jr

"Honesty Boulevard" written by Brion Rose, directed and performed by Brion Rose and Shi Ne Nielson

"Imagine Drowning" written by Terry Johnson, directed and performed by Edward Spivak

"Man Gets Hit In Crotch With Wiffle Ball Bat" written & directed by Elliott Owen and performed by Shelley Delayne, Scottie Martin and Elliott Owen

"The Fences" written by August Wilson, directed and performed by Allen Maldonado and Choice Skinner

"The Saturday Night Strangler" written & directed by David Branin and performed by Kevin Deen, Theo Dumont, and Philip Hersh

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Dream Regime Announces Sponsorship of it's First Talent Showcase

Members of the Dream Regime have announced it's sponsorship of a talent showcase that will put the talents of actors, writers, and directors in front of the eyes of industry movers and shakers. The event to be entitled "The Grandstand" will be held at the Space Theater located at 665 N. Heliotrope, Los Angeles on Thursday, September 4th 2004. Stay tuned for updated information.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Interview with Actor Tyshawn Bryant

This interview is republished courtesy of Holly Shorts Film Festival Blog

Holly Shorts recently caught up with up and coming star Tyshawn Bryant. He has a slate of short film projects that heÂ’s working on. Check out the Q&A.

HS: How did you get started in the business?

TB: I started this business in 2002 when I met a working actor by the name of Michael Whaley. I helped him form his acting class, which taught the actor the "business" of acting. They call it the "Acting Business" for a reason.

HS: Name a recent short film you've worked on?

TB: I've worked on various short films. One that comes to mind was called, "Pugnacious Assembly", by up and coming director David T. Branin. It was a fun piece and Dave gave me free reign to come up with a believable and interesting character.

HS: Who would you like to work with the most in Hollywood?

TB: I would love to work with Denzel Washington. I've enjoyed and been intrigued by all of his work. I would also love to work with Tom Cruise. We all know all of his projects do very well in the box office.

HS: Where do you see yourself in five years?

TB: In five years I will be in one of three situations. I will either be a series regular on a prime time television show, a heralded feature film actor, or both. As always it's been a pleasure

"Pugnacious Assembly" Now Online

After two years of starting and stopping various scripts, Writer/Director David Branin had nothing to show for the time he put into his craft. He knew there had to be a change. He had to film something. That's when he turned to friend and Actor/Producer Dan Sol. Of course right there to support and embrace the project were friends and actors Tyshawn Bryant, Kevin Deen, Theo Dumont and Paul A. Newman.

This instant classic can be viewed here Pugnacious Assembly