Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Bodywash Spoof" NOW ONLINE!

We just added our brand new 2-minute film.

“Bodywash Spoof” starring Melanie Specht and Daniel Sol.

Intended for adult viewing

Latest Dream Regime Photo Collage

Friday, April 14, 2006

Tyshawn Bryant's MGD commercial now ONLINE!

We just received news that Tyshawn Bryant's MGD commercial is now available online. This is one of three commercials currently featuring the "Shoot-Out" Actor. In addition you can also currently find Bryant in National Spots for Sherwin Williams and McDonald's as you flip through the television dial.

You may need to register as someone over 21 years of age to view this ad. After that, click on "Hello, Goodbye"

Tyshawn Bryant MGD Commercial

Friday, April 07, 2006

Religious Freaks Gone Wild (Again!!!)

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After being added to Featured Video Section, our clip of Religious Freaks Gone Wild was viewed by more than 50,000+ people in it's 1st day online!!!!

Since being put online last week, it has been viewed by more than 75,000 people.

Here are some quotes,

"that was a thing of beauty..."

"Thats just wrong but hillarious!!!"

"this has to be one of the best video post on the internet in long time funny, make some more"


"hey brother

that was funny

get in the house

get in the HOUSE!"

" Hilarious!!! -- i showed everyone in the office!!! It was our afternoon entertainment... I couldn't stop laughing!!"

You can also view it here,

Thank you Andy Ta and Janna Magnusson!

We would like to thank the efforts of our DVD Author Andy Ta and Graphic Designer Janna Magnusson without whom there would be no "Shoot-Out" DVD.

We appreciate your professionalism and sticking by the project through completion. Your work is appreciated. You have helped us overcome a large hurdle and have made attaining this huge goal possible.

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The release date on the DVD is forthcoming.

"Shoot-Out" is going to New York City!

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"Shoot-Out" has been named an Official Selection to the NYC Downtown Short Film Festival. It will screen Thursday, April 27th at 8pm. The venue is the DUO Theater located at 62 East 4th Street, NYC or you may call 212-598-4320 or visit here, Official Website

That makes it 3 Festivals for the month of April. Will keep you posted on further developments.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Religious Freaks Gone Wild!!!

In less than a week, over 15,000+ views and a lot of buzz over our latest video clip.

Roommates Daniel Sol and Frantz Durand were tired of being awoken week after week by Religious solicitors. So they decided to play a prank, they just didn't expect this. Close friend David Branin edited this crazy footage together. After you've seen it, post your comment.