Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Shoot-Out" Makes News in Poland!!!

We love this!   "Shoot-Out" is featured at http://www.speedballing.pl/ which is a Polish Streetball website.  We must thank our man Arek Braszkiewicz for contacting us and showing his support for our film.  We are not sure what he wrote as it is in Polish.  You have to scan through the site and look for "Shoot-Out." Arek has also expressed interest in interviewing us, will keep you posted on when that happens.

"Shoot-Out" has also been featured at http://blogcritics.org/  Allow us to thank Anna Creech for adding news about "Shoot-Out" to the reknown indie site.  Thank you for spreading the word on our film.

Here is the direct link,  "Shoot-Out" News in blogcritics.org

Over 1000 Views for "Shoot-Out"

More and more people are spreading the word on "Shoot-Out".  We have added the opening minutes a few days ago to various websites and it's combined view count has quickly surpassed 1000 views.  Please help us continue to spread the word.  We appreciate your support.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Tremendous Review from Einsiders!!!

Let us thank Jonathan W. Hickman for taking time out to provide us a wonderful review of "Shoot-Out" 

Here's a snippet, "Branin gives us a movie with an authentic roundball feel."

Here is the full review, Einsiders.com Reviews "Shoot-Out"

To see the First 3 Minutes of "Shoot-Out" just go back to our frontpage!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

First 3 Minutes of "Shoot-Out" NOW ONLINE!!!

We've uploaded the first 3 minutes of our independent action/drama/thriller "Shoot-Out" It is the story of two men playing a basketball game 1 on 1...to the death. It has recently made the cover of "Hoops Magazine" and been featured at www.streetballin.net

Check it out, let us know what you think, pass it on

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"Shoot-Out" Featured on www.streetballin.net

"Shoot-Out" is featured in the 'Streetball News' section of www.streetballin.net We must thank Brad who runs the site for including our DVD. The site is a great source for all hoops fans and especially for those with a streetball fervor. It is updated frequently and has great news, reviews, interviews, links and more. We strongly recommend checking it out.

ADitude gives "Shoot-Out" 4 Stars!!!!

We have just received a Four Star Review from ADitude Advertising after sending them a copy of our film.  They have also listed it among they're DVD's to see!   Here's what they had to say.

"Shoot–Out" is a unique and exciting film that explores a one on one basketball game to the finish! This action packed film includes some really great and intense acting by all included! You can literally feel the heat as these 2 great basketball players make a bet that you'll never forget!! "Shoot -Out" will leave it's audience wanting more on the court! This film was made by David, Tyshawn, Daniel at Dream Regime Productions and you can order the DVD today at www.dreamregimeproductions.com

For more on ADitude please visit ADitude Advertising or stop by their MySpace www.myspace.com/aditudeadvertising

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Opening Minutes of "Shoot-Out" Online 10/10/06

To meet the demand and inquiries we are receiving, we've decided to put the opening minutes of our critically acclaimed film "Shoot-Out" online tomorrow 10/10/06. We are excited to give many of you an opportunity to see how the storytelling unfolds and more to sink yourselves into beyond the movie trailer.

To date, the film has only been available through film festivals, private screenings or on DVD.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Amazing Review! - Hollywood Is Talking

We have just received an amazing review from (HIT) Hollywood Is Talking.

Here's a quote,   "Shoot-Out is a nice calling card for these guys' careers."

Here is the full review, HIT reviews Shoot-Out


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