Friday, May 26, 2006

"Shoot-Out" DVD Release Party Footage

Internet Exclusive! Shoot-Out DVD Release Party Footage. Special Thanks to for sponsoring the event, The Space Theater for hosting the event, and to Karen Worden for capturing all this footage.

"Shoot-Out" DVD Release Party Footage

"Shoot-Out" Screens in Tuscon This Saturday May 27th!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

'Shoot-Out" to have Major Screening in Los Angeles

We have been notified of our Official Selection to the Short Mondays Short Film Festival which is currently held at CineSpace the first Monday of each Month. "Shoot-Out" is one of six films that will screen in front of 300+ Audience Members. The screenings are followed up with Q&A sessions with the Filmmakers.

Our movie will screen Monday, June 5th at CineSpace.

SHORT MONDAYS is a monthly short film festival. But its not only about the specific films that are being screened: it's also a place to see emerging (and established) filmmakers and network in a more casual atmosphere than a theater screening. When Sir Sean Connery attended, he was approachable because of the relaxed setting. Gary Oldman, Kevin Pollack, Bruce Davison, Allison Janney, Clancy Brown, Christine Taylor, Richard T. Jones, Claudia Schiffer, Jason Lewis and John Stamos are among the actors who have had shorts screened by Short Mondays. When they've been in town, these actors have come out to support their filmmakers.

Through Short Mondays, filmmakers have been accepted into other film festivals, such as the San Diego Film Festival. Directors have also obtained their first jobs directing full length features because of the work they screened at Short Mondays.

Short Mondays is run by Deirdre Murphy and Elise Rothberg, with invaluable assistance from their Advisory Board, and hosted by Tonight Show and E! Channel veteran Brett Walkow.

More information on this event coming soon!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Filmmaker David Branin Interviewed by Sharp Radio Network

Benjamin Pratt of the Sharp Radio Network was

able to grab this exclusive interview with the man behind

"Shoot-Out" Writer/Director David Branin.

Visit Sharp Radio Network and click on "Freedom from Whoopi"

The interview will only be there for a few more days.

Friday, May 12, 2006 Sponsors "Shoot-Out" DVD Release Party

This Sunday's event continues to grow. Executive Producer Tyshawn Bryant has struck a deal to have invite their members and to have a presence at our event.

The Guest List is over 50 strong and continues to grow.

"Shoot-Out" is the critically acclaimed film of Two Men playing a basketball game of 1 on 1...TO THE DEATH. The film stars Tyshawn Bryant and Daniel Sol and was written and directed by David Branin.

The film has been screened from coast to coast and in the UK. We're going to project the film onto the big screen for this special night.

"Shoot-Out" Screening Party
Sunday May 14th
Space Theater
665 N. Heliotrope
Hollywood, CA 90004
Doors open: 8:00 pm

Admission only $15
Includes Screening, DVD, and Open Bar
The disc contains over an hour of DVD Exclusives

Our Last Two Films Combine for over 1/2 Million Views!!!

We have experienced a lot of success with our last two films, "Bodywash Spoof" and "Religious Freaks Gone Wild" Both have set the internet on fire appearing on dozens upon dozens of websites. Don't worry, there is a lot more coming, starting with next week's release of our Limited Edition "Shoot-Out" DVD which contains over an hour of bonus materials.

"Bodywash Spoof"

"Religious Freaks Gone Wild"


After being delayed, we will shoot our next film, "Honey, I'm Home" on May 22nd. We also have another Surprise Film that we will release in June or July.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Shoot-Out" Official Selection to Back Alley Film Festival

We've just received word that our film "Shoot-Out" is now an Official Selection to the 8th Annual Back Alley Film Festival. It all takes place on Saturday May 27th in Tucson, AZ.

More on the Festival,

The Back Alley Film Festival is about art and independence. As devoted filmakers Erik Hulten and Joshua Dragotta set out to create a venue in Tucson, Arizona. The festival is about bringing films to Tucson residents. We look for all genres of films from dramatic to comedy to narrative to expriremental and animated. We welcome national, international, and local films. It's one night in an alleyway. We painted a mural and helmed it the Back Alley Cinema. Thanks to the local business that surround the wall the Back Alley Film Festival comes to life. We are committed to screen films that reflect the movement of the artform. We started this festival with 25 chairs, a 300 lumens projector and home stereo equipment. We now rent 225 chairs, bought a 2500 lumens projector and professional speakers and looking for a deal on an amp. We've done festivals in the rain and its been magic!

For the latest news on the festival, please visit Back Alley Film Festival

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Shoot-Out DVD Release Party!!!

Time to get your Limited Edition "Shoot-Out" DVD!  We'll have an open bar, drink all you would like. We're going to project the film onto the big screen. We'll have pllenty of copies of Shoot-Out!!

Please come celebrate with us. Show your support. We put a lot of time and energy to make this happen and would love for you to be there with us. The DVD came out great! Help us spread the word, invite others.

Host:               Tyshawn, Daniel, David

Location:          Space Theater

                       665 N. Heliotrope, Hollywood, CA 90004

When:             Sunday, May 14th, 8pm

Admission        $15, Those who already own the DVD, $5

Sex, Lies, and Sharp Radio!



This week we have my latest adventures in the shallow end of the dating pool and......


This week's Nausea Brief focuses on the difference between art and smut and the stupid asses that can't tell difference.

It's Time To Get Sharp!

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New show posted every Sunday!

"Shoot-Out" Reviewed by

We received our latest review from Megan Giddings of  She also writes for Modern Pea Pod   Our review appears on both sites.

It is our first review from a female critic.  Here's a snippet, "In terms of cinematography and direction, Shoot-Out truly does leave its mark. Never before have I seen such an artistic basketball game (on film or otherwise)"

Here is the full review, Blog Critics take on "Shoot-Out"

Instant Success for Bodywash Spoof!!!

In 2 Days, our "Bodywash Spoof" has escalated to the Top 40 for Most Viewed and Most Discussed for YouTube. The 2 minute film stars Melanie Specht and Daniel Sol. The Film has followed in the footsteps of "Religious Freaks Gone Wild" and now has over 250,000 Views.

See what you're missing, Bodywash Spoof

Dream Regime Announces Collaboration with Def Films

Coming off back to back successes with "Religious Freaks Gone Wild" and "Bodywash Spoof" which have flooded dozens of websites and racked up thousands upon thousands upon thousands of views.  We are excited to announce that we are currently in pre-production on a brand new project in which we will team up with Def Films whom we met on MySpace.

We are unable to give the full details on the project at this time.  It is a short film that will that will have a run-time of approximately 2-3 minutes.  We will provide you updates in the near future. 

FilmBomb Reviews "Shoot-Out"

We would like to thank Bombadil and FilmBomb for their review of "Shoot-Out."

It is a quick and painless read.

Here is the link, FilmBomb Review

"Shoot-Out" Official Selection to EgoFest!!!

Add EgoFest to the growing list of Film Festivals that will showcase our critically acclaimed short film, "Shoot-Out"

EgoFest is a grassroots festival who's whole purpose is to show your video masterpiece, and for filmmakers to get together and see what is being created, sometimes in their own backyard. This is the festival you want to send your video to. We are determined to show as many short movies as we can. Come join this midwest revolution of video filmmaking, and feed your ego.

EgoFest will be held in Brainerd, MN on June 24th. We will have more information as the festival nears.