Saturday, December 15, 2007

Accepted into the Festivus Film Festival!

We have received word from the organizers of the Festivus Film Festival in Denver, CO that "Honey, I'm Home" has made the cut. They received over 300 submissions which is amazing for their inaugural year. We are still waiting on the official announcement and for the schedule to be released which will be done soon. I can say that we are overjoyed with this selection. Really like what we have seen from Festivus thus far and we wanted to be a part of it.

The FESTIVUS Film Festival will be held in Denver, Colorado between January 11 and January 13, 2008.

Mission statement: FESTIVUS is the film fest for the rest of us. Our goal is to support and encourage awesomely badass, truly independent film. Festivus isn't for the deep-pocketed Hollywood type. We're here for the guy that pawned his car to make a film. That's what independent cinema is about. That's what FESTIVUS is all about. Denver- you're going to love us!

Will update you on more details as they are released.


"Honey, I'm Home" is Available for Purchase at

"Honey, I’m Home" - Now Easily Available Through Our Trusted Partner

I have just added my film, "Honey, I'm Home" to

Tagline: He cheated...she knows.

It deals with the topic of infidelity in a way you have probably never seen before.

The film stars Jacob Magnuson and Karen Worden. For those of you who them, sure you will enjoy their performances. Cinematography is done by Vincent Martinez and the original music is composed by Rudy Mangual.

Made this little film for less than $100, shooting it all in just a couple of hours. It has done surprisingly well with critics. It is still making it's rounds on the film festival cicuit. Just learned today that it has been accepted into it's 11th Film Festival. It won the "Audience Choice Award" at the HollyShorts Film Festival back in August. Going to keep it on the festival circuit for a while longer, but wanted to make it available to those who have yet to see it.

You can use Paypal, Google Checkout, or your Credit Card to easily, quickly and securely purchase the film. Only charging $1 for it, the same amount you pay to download songs from iTunes.

Here is the direct link (includes a 1 minute preview)

Here is what a few critics have said about "Honey, I'm Home"

"The ending completely through me for a loop." - Tristan Wright, The Movies Made Me Do It

"9 out of 10. Absolutely brilliant!" - Peter Dimako,

"Honey, I'm Home is different and original, and it kicked my ass." - Felix Vaquez, Jr., Cinema Crazed

Please pass this on to anyone you believe would be interested.

Thank you for your support!

Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Shoot-Out - Now Easily Available Through Our Trusted Partner

You can now purchase our award winning short film, "Shoot-Out" easily and securely via PayPal, Google Checkout, or your Credit Card. Thanks to our new trusted partner,

In our most recent review, Film Maniac Tony DeFrancisco had this to say,

"Shoot-Out" is just over at fifteen minutes, but that's just enough time to get the movie going. It moves at a steady pace and packs punches that your grand-mom can't even dodge. Even after "Shoot-Out" is over, you have to keep watching it. The directing angles are so fantastic that I thought I was watching a Spike Lee movie. David Branin, writer and director, creates a short-film that can be described as an amazing accomplishment to the Independent Cinema."

After you download to own, "Shoot-Out" please let us know what you think. Would love to have your thoughts. Here is the direct link.

Purchase "Shoot-Out" easily and securely through

What we love about is how seamless they make the process not only for us the filmmakers, but for you the consumer. Using Paypal, Google Checkout, or your Credit Card is quick, easy, and most importantly secure. After your purchase, you download the file and "Shoot-Out" is yours to watch over and over again. It's really that easy.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tony DeFrancisco Raves About "Shoot-Out"

Have to be honest, do not know where to begin with this one.  I contacted Film Maniac Tony DeFrancisco to review my latest release, "Honey, I'm Home."  I had an extra screener copy of "Shoot-Out" by my desk, so I thought it was a good opportunity to have it looked at as well.

Normally, when a Reviewer writes a positive review about one of my films there are one or two quotes that I can pull for promotional purposes.  This latest review is loaded with quotes that it just leaves me scrambling.

Here is a sample,

"Even after "Shoot-Out" is over, you have to keep watching it. The directing angles are so fantastic that I thought I was watching a Spike Lee movie. David Branin, writer and director, creates a short-film that can be described as an amazing accomplishment to the Independent Cinema."

There is a lot more in the full review.  You have to check it out.

Tony DeFrancisco "Shoot-Out" Review

Thank you for your support!

You can Purchase "Shoot-Out" securely at

10th Official Selection for "Honey, I’m Home"!!!

We are very happy to announce that "Honey, I'm Home" has been accepted into it's 10th Film Festival.  It is great to reach the double digit mark.  We received official word from Jerry Kovar of the Sarasota Film Society that "Honey, I'm Home" will screen December 3rd, 2007 at Burns Court Cinemas in Brandenton, Florida at 8:30 pm as part of the Filmmakers Forum Series.

For a movie made on such a miniscule budget of under $100, "Honey, I'm Home" is showing a lot of vitality with critics and also on the festival circuit.  Love to see it, as we work on getting our first feature film made.  Details on that front coming in the near future.

For further details on the Sarasota Film Society and the upcoming "Honey, I'm Home" screening, you may visit:

Official Site:


"Religious Freaks" goes over 250,000 views on YouTube

Our video "Religious Freaks Gone Wild" continues it's run as one of the internet's most sensational videos.  It's view count is somewhere in the millions.  There is no telling how many people have copied, reposted, forwarded and commented on the video.  It has appeared all over the world on countless sites in every language you can imagine.

Don't be surprised if you see it on television in the near future.  Will keep you posted on those details when we are allowed to fully disclose such information.

Although we can't keep track of all the sites with different titles and such, we can keep track of the view count it has on our YouTube Page.  It is there where it has recently gone over 250,000 Views.  It still registers about 1000 Views and a dozen or so comments to go with it every week.  People can't seem to get enough.

Here it is if you have not seen it.

Direct link -

Also if you want it for your iPod or other such devices, you can own it for just 29 cents through our trusted partner  Direct link is below.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Critics Weigh in on "Honey, I'm Home"

The secret is getting out....

When was the last time you heard people buzzing about a film made for less than $100? Think about it.

It is now happening with David Branin's "Honey, I'm Home" A film that critics are falling in love with. Look at these quotes.

"A gem in its class"

- - Ricardo Barberini

"If this is a calling card for Tinseltown, it's an excellent effort."

-Hollywood is Talking - Jerry Brewington

"Honey, I'm Home is different and original, and it kicked my ass."

-Cinema Crazed - Felix Vasquez, Jr.

"The ending completely threw me for a loop."

- The Movies Made Me Do It - Tristan Wright

"9 out of 10, Absolutely brilliant!"

- - Peter Dimako

"Branin's still got a great way with the pen here, and his work feels fully thought out and well-imagined."

-World's Greatest Critic - J.C. Macek III

"I actually enjoyed it more the second time around."

- The Rub: Movie Reviews - Jeremy Welsch

"Honey Im Home is a quick and intense ride from start to finish!"

- ADitude Advertising – Trey McGriff

"A highly enjoyable piece that left me surprised at how much I loved it."

-The Movies Made Me Do It - Chad Connolly

"In today's cliched Hollywood world, it's refreshing to see creative writing on the Independent level."

-The Comic Book Bin - Tony Farinella

"In little more than 5 minutes, Branin smartly tells his story and get the most out of it."

-Entertainment Insiders - Jonathan W. Hickman

"The film does have an incredibly surprising ending that was nothing like what I thought it would be."

-Rogue Cinema - Duane Martin

"David Branin has a strong 5 minute piece and shows great promise as a filmmaker."

-This is some scene - Ralph James

"Honey, I'm Home" stars Jacob Magnuson and Karen Worden. It is written and directed by David Branin (Shoot-Out, REFRAGMENTED) while being shot and edited by Vin Martinez (Comic Noir, Harlem Sunset, Too Late For Tears). Original music is scored by Rudy Mangual (Shoot-Out).

This film tackles the topic of being unfaithful and having to confess the truth to one's companion. Never before has infidelity been explored in the way that Branin does in this five minute masterpiece.

If you are a critic/reviewer who would like to review "Honey, I'm Home" for your site, please contact us at

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Official Selection - Peoria Film Festival

This week has been a great week for our film "Honey, I'm Home" After being notified by the Miami Underground Film Festival and the Cookies in the Mill Film and Video Festival of their acceptances earlier this week, we have just received word from the Peoria Film Festival that "Honey, I'm Home" is an Official Selection to their 2008 Festival.

Each Official Selection is very exciting news for us, as we have raised the bar to the near impossible goal of having "Honey, I'm Home" screen in all 50 states and 10 countries outside of the U.S. Each festival that accepts our film gives us hope that maybe our goal isn't impossible.

We want to make special mention and thank Festival Director Helen McCready for all the work she puts into the festival. The limited contact we have had with her has been great. For filmmakers it is great when you have access to a festival director and Helen is approachable and welcoming.

"Honey, I'm Home" will screen at the 2008 Peoria Film Festival held March 6th through March 9th. The venue is the Harkins Theatre - Arrowhead 18 located at 16046 North Arrowhead Fountain, Peoria Arizona.

That's right, Peoria, ARIZONA.

For more on the festival, you may visit

Official Site -

Myspace -

Monday, November 12, 2007

Official Selection - Cookies in the Mill Film Festival

We have just received word Kari Wagner-Peck, Festival Director of the Cookies in the Mill Film and Video Festival that "Honey, I'm Home" has been Officially Selected to screen in this year's festival. The event will take place at the North Dam Mill in Biddeford, Maine.

We do not have the specifics as the site is currently being updated. Going to do our best to get you the information you need as soon as it becomes available.

For now, we are tremendously excited about this festival as we move forward with our goal of having "Honey, I'm Home" screen in all 50 States.

Number 1 Movie Trailer on

I mentioned how much I liked Indie Film Trailers last week.  On it's first day on the site, our movie trailer for "Honey, I'm Home" had over one thousand views.  It is now the most viewed trailer on the site with over 15,000 views in about ten days.  Want to thank all of you for your support.  We are doing what we can to have "Honey, I'm Home" screened in all 50 States.  With your continued support, maybe it is possible.

With that, here is the link to the 1 Movie Trailer on Indie Film Trailers.

Honey, I'm Home on

P.S.  Let's keep it going.

David Branin’s "Shoot-Out" Available at

Our award winning and much acclaimed short film, "Shoot-Out" is available to own on the rising independent site, The film has been heralded for it's cinematography and great acting/basketball performances from it's two stars, Tyshawn Bryant and Daniel Sol. Not to mention a story that keeps you enthralled until it's power packed finish.

This is a great opportunity to see and experience the film that has garnered us notoriety. The price has been reduced from $1.99 to $1.29. To date, "Shoot-Out" has been one of the most downloaded films available at Si-Mi.  Your contribution will go towards money we are raising for our upcoming feature film which is now in pre-production. Thank you for your support of what we are doing and for you support of independent filmmaking. If you have enjoyed our work, please help us spread the word by passing our work onto others.

Here is the direct link (contains a preview of "Shoot-Out")

Thank you,

David Branin

"Shoot-Out" Myspace Page is MOVING!!!!

We have long lost the ability to edit and customize this page. A dozen attempts to contact Myspace have failed. Wanting to give our friends and fans a better experience when visiting our page, we have decided to reconstruct a new page from scratch.

We don't want to lose you as a friend. And for those who have yet to befriend us, don't let any more time go by. Please support our effort by adding the new "Shoot-Out" to your friends list. Thank you for your support!

Here is the direct link -

See you on the other side.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Official Selection - Miami Underground Film Festival ’08

We have just received word that "Honey, I'm Home" has been accepted into the Miami Underground Film Festival '08!!! We want to thank Festival Director Rafael Diaz Wagner for being the wonderful supporter of independent film that he is.

The way the official selection came about is an amazing story. One that we would release if we were charging a premium service fee to read. For now, our fans in Miami can take note that "Honey, I'm Home" is coming to your city as one of the first films accepted into the Miami Underground Film Festival. Hope you are as thrilled and excited as we are. The festival is not until March, so we will have more details as the fest comes closer. Don't be surprised to see us mention this one many times before then.

"Honey, I’m Home" Tralier Added to Indie Film Trailers

Really love the site, Indie Film Trailers. It's a site I wish I would have created on my own. I also wish there were more sites that were a nesting place for independent film trailers. Occasionally I will scan the web attempting to locate other such sites, but I have not had much success. If you know of other sites that welcome independent filmmakers to post their movie trailers, please enlighten us.

With that, here is the link to our "Honey, I'm Home" Movie Trailer now on Indie Film Trailers.

Honey, I'm Home on

P.S. Already over 1000 views in one day!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Movies Made Me Do It REVIEWS "Honey, I’m Home"

For the Subject, I was going to type in "The Movies Made Me Do It REVIEWS Honey, I'm Home AGAIN!!!" which would be more appropriate since we have already received one review from Chad Connolly of MvMMDI.

Wanted to give you a little backstory on how this latest review came about. I received an email out of the blue from Chad's partner at, Tristan Wright. As I do sometimes in these news updates, here is an excerpt of what Tristan wrote me,

"Mr. Branin,

I am currently a reviewer for the website Chad Connolly suggested your movie, "Honey, I'm Home" to me after one of our many conversations about independent film"

How amazing! It's a dream scenario for someone like me who is doing all he can to gain exposure and have his work seen. Of course I didn't let the opportunity slip away and was glad to send Tristan a copy of "Honey, I'm Home" to review. Even took it a step further by sending him a copy of my previous film, "Shoot-Out" He loved both, giving both films 8/10 scores.

With that, here is the link to the review

Tristan Wright of MvMMDI Reviews Honey, I'm Home

(from there, you have to click on "Show Review" across from Tristan)

Honey, I’m Home Added to IMDB

Our little movie is now official!

Here is the new profile on the Internet Movie Database

Honey, I'm Home IMDB Link

When I decided to make "Honey, I'm Home" the main goal was simply to achieve what I am reporting here about getting this film on IMDB.  Yet the film has been received so well, that I had to adjust my goals.  Critics have been quite generous in their praise of the film and it already has an Audience Choice Award while it's list of Official Selections grow.

For now, check out the IMDB page and stay tuned for the latest news and upcoming festival screenings.  Hoping to bring "Honey, I'm Home" to a city near you and soon.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Another Official Selection - Converge South Film Festival

We are very excited to report another screening in another new state is coming your way. "Honey, I'm Home" has been accepted as an Official Selection to the Converge South Film Festival which is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We want to thank the festival committee and Festival Director Andy Coon for including our film in their festival.
On a related note, Andy Coon does has a great running series of video blogs on Greensboro, North Carolina and on the Converge South Film Festival. They are well-made, informative, and entertaining. You can check them out on the Converge South Film Festival Myspace Page. Go ahead and add them to your group of friends.

ConvergeSouth Film Festival will be held at 2 Art Chicks Gallery on 609 S. Elm Street in Downtown Greensboro on Saturday October 20th, 2007. Doors open at 7:00 PM and the Festival will begin at 7:30. Looks like "Honey, I'm Home" will screen within the first hour this upcoming Saturday. If you are the area, add it to your calendars. Looks like it is going to be a blast.

Here is the link to the film schedule and location information

Will keep you posted on all upcoming screenings as we are notified. Thank you for your interest and support. Hope to bring "Honey, I'm Home" to your city as soon as we can.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

True Hollywood Talk - Video Interview with Filmmaker David Branin

If you have been following our blog news for a while, you probably remember me mentioning during our post HollyShorts Film Festival news that I was interviewed by three different outlets. The first of those interviews has now made it's way online.

Really want to thank Steven Buchsbaum from for this interview. His work ethic and passion is quite admirable. He has started True Hollywood Talk through his own determination, showing his love for the film business. His support of the film community especially the indie film community is phenomenal. He updates his video interviews constantly giving us all great content which also includes Hollywood news and a classified section.

As I type this, my interview is featured on the front page of which is tremendous exposure. Hurry up and try and check it out as soon as you can to see if you can catch it on the homepage.

I was a little nervous during this interview, so I wasn't on top of my game as much as I would like to be. Very glad to have done the interview though and looking forward to sharing it with you. Would love to have your comments. I thought I did fairly well.

Here is the direct link to the interview in case it's time on the homepage has elapsed.

True Hollywood Talk interviews Filmmaker David Branin

Have more exciting news coming your way so stay with us.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Filmmaker David Branin interviewed by Short End Magazine

In a follow up to the HollyShorts Film Festival, I was contacted by Noralil Ryan Fores from Short End Magazine for an interview. What a blessing it is to have an interview done by a true professional such as Noralil.

She has done an excellent job piecing together this interview we conducted several weeks ago. Now you have a chance to benefit from her work and learn a little more about me.

I just want to point out to you how quickly things can change. When I was talking to Noralil, I was gearing up to make my short film, "R E F R A G M E N T E D" It is a very strong piece of writing and a film I still hope to make in the near future. Yet, since this interview I have come up with a new Feature Film idea that is coming on so fast that it is now taken precendence over all other projects which include my other planned feature film. It is an idea so fertile that it makes me wish I was going into production today on it.

Sorry, more to come on that project soon.

Here is my interview with Noralil.

Short End Magazine interviews Filmmaker David Branin

More about Short End Magazine - Launched in April 2007 as a weekly online publication, SM serves to tell stories from the independent and student film communities with an eye toward sharing thoughts and critique about trends within the scene.

Homepage -

Myspace -

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Utopia Film Festival - Official Selection for "Honey, I'm Home"

"Honey, I'm Home" is an official selection to this year's Utopia Film Festival. This will be a DC-area Premiere for David Branin's short film on infidelity.

We are extremely thrilled with this selection. After being accepted into our first four film festivals and winning one Audience Choice Award, we were turned down by three straight film festivals so it feels great to have this upcoming East Coast Screening.

"Honey, I'm Home" screens Saturday, October 27 at 2:00 pm at the Greenbelt Community Center Multipurpose Room in Greenbelt, Maryland.

More about Utopia Film Festival 2007 - A cinematic event reflecting the utopian ideals of Greenbelt, Maryland - one of America's first planned communities.

Check out this great professionally made video which highlights the festival

Here is the official link to the Utopia Film Festival for additional information and directions -

Friday, September 28, 2007

Jordan Allen Music Video Update

We regretfully must report to our friends and fans, Jordan Allen's friends and fans and to the hundreds of actresses who submitted to us that due to circumstances beyond our control, the making of the music video, "Extraordinary" has been indefinitely suspended.

Our deepest apologies to you. We want to reiterate that there have been some unforeseeable hurdles which keep us from moving forward at this time. If and when things change on the matter, we will let you know here.

On our front, focus has shifted to a brand new feature film idea that has manifested over the past week. It now takes priority over all other projects. We are having our first script read/collaboration this weekend and hope to gear up for production in the upcoming months. If you are a producer interested in joining our team, please send a note to

Expect a lot more news on this new feature film in the upcoming weeks.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

How plans change...

An idea for a new feature film has now taken hold.  It has come on very rapidly.  So much so, that is now our next priority.  This new feature film moves ahead of our other scheduled projects.  We are going to have our first script reading next weekend.

We will be looking for a Producer to jump on board and help us get this feature made.   Any Producer interested in working with us, please contact us at

This is a project we are very excited about.  Expect a lot more news on this front as we move forward.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Filmmaker David Branin seeks Producer

My name is David Branin. I am a writer/director looking to team up with a producer on an upcoming short film and potentially my first feature film. I am based in Los Angeles so I am looking for someone in the Los Angeles area.

What I am looking for - Someone who can help me make the best film(s) possible. From collaborating on story, to getting production equipment, and helping to assemble our crew. All the way through meeting deadlines and making it through post-production. And from there, getting every drop of exposure we can from our work. Would love to work with someone who not only has passion for getting the film done, but who is just as excited to promote the film, get it seen, and put us in the best position for distribution.


Tarantino has his Lawrence Bender, Kevin Smith has his Scott Mosier etc. Ideally, that is what I am looking for. That is why I am putting this out to the universe. It is hard to see every project through idea to distribution. That is what I have done and continue to do. I am now leaning on you to join forces with me so we can do this together. You handle your expertise while I handle mine.

Not sure if I will find my producer this way, but I am ready to move forward. I want to see what kind of response this posting will bring me.

My films have not come with the biggest budgets. The short film I am doing next takes place in one apartment. The script is ready and ready to go. It won't cost much to do.

My feature film also takes place in one location and I am sure can be done with a miniscule budget. *Note – Just about to finish the first draft on this feature film. It's not quite there but it is getting close.

My current film, "Honey, I'm Home" was made for less than $100. It's tiny budget did not keep it from winning the Audience Choice Award at HollyShorts in its debut festival. It is now in the early stages of making its rounds on the festival circuit.

I am looking to build a professional relationship with someone who can get things done.

That's really what it comes down to. If you are interested in potentially working with me, I am sure you will do your due diligence. Google my name and research my work. My recent films are "Shoot-Out" and the aforementioned "Honey, I'm Home." My work may not appeal to you. If it doesn't, thank you for taking the time to read this. I understand not everyone who reads this will be a match.

Yet if my work does pique your interest, please send me a note. Tell me about your background, what you have done, and your upcoming goals. Why would we be a good match?

Please contact me at

Thank you for your interest in working with me. Would absolutely love it if you turned out to be the one to help me on these upcoming projects. They are going to be a lot of fun.

My best,
David Branin

PS - You are welcome to forward this to anyone you believe may be interested.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Next Screening Tonight!!! Phoenix, AZ

It's time for "Honey, I'm Home" to be seen in front of a live audience again.  If you are in the Phoenix area, you have a chance to not only see our film, but a handful of outstanding short films.

Here is the info you need.

No Festival Required Part 47 Short Films and Videos
"Thoughtful and provocative cinema from local, national and international directors"

First Sunday, September 2 2007 8 pm (doors at 7:30 pm) admission $5.00
The Paper Heart, 750 NW Grand Avenue Phoenix
Venue contact 602-262-2020
Mature Audience Only-beer/wine with ID

Here's a little more on tonight's show.

An unsettling series of short films sets the tone for this latest installment of the NFR short series. Subjects include bad memories, the strangest job interview ever and, of course, a girl who can run 200 miles per hour.

Directors include David Branin, Jessica Lance, Christopher Leone, Mathieu Rigot and Mark Thimijan.

Special thanks to guest co-conspirator, director/producer Suzanne Johnson, for helping pick the show.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Now online - "Honey, I’m Home" Movie Trailer!!!

The initial buzz we are receiving for "Honey, I'm Home" has been more than we thought possible for this little film.

We are very excited for you to have your first look at the brand new trailer we have just added online.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

Don't be shy, post your comment.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Now Casting Lead Actress/Model for upcoming Jordan Allen Video

Dream Regime Productions/Def Films are now taking submissions for singer/songwriter Jordan Allen's Debut Music Video.

We are seeking an actress/model between 21-30 for the lead role.

Shooting days are Monday September 10th, and Tuesday September 11th. Must be available for both days.

We would like to work with someone who is committed, responsible, and professional. Don't worry, it's going to be fun as well. We just do not want any flakes.

Audition dates are September 4th and September 6th.

There is no pay up front. Compensation will be in the form of credit and copy along with meals for each day. You will also receive your fair share of exposure. Your name and face will be put out there. We will promote you being in this video.

We are true independent filmmakers making a true independent music video. We will need you to supply your own wardrobe and make-up.

Are you curious about us? You are welcome to look at some of our work.

To listen to Jordan Allen's music, please visit

Our cinematographer Vincent Martinez is a talented photographer as well. You can trust that you will look great in the video. You can view some of his work here

You can learn more about Director David Branin's films here,

Submission E-mail

If you are interested in working with us, please submit your photos and resume to We wiill only notify those who are being called in to audition.

Thank you for your interest and we wish you the best as you move forward with your career. Review - "A gem in its class"

We have just received another strong review, this one from

What's even better is receiving an email saying this,

"We liked it so much that we decided to advertise it on our home page!" Always great to be featured on anyone's homepage let alone a movie review website such as

Here is the full article - Moviebuffs Reviews "Honey, I'm Home"

Be sure to check out their homepage as well!

PS - The trailer for "Honey, I'm Home" is going to make it's way online very soon.  Stay tuned.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! HollyShorts ’07 PhotoBlog

Filmmakers (L-R) Brandon Maxwell, Vincent Martinez, David Branin, Karen Dee Carpenter, Leah Meyerhoff, then two filmmakers I would like to know the names of, and Hostess Viviana Vigil.

Filmmaker Rob Schroeder, Emcee Biz Markie, and HollyShorts Co-founders Theo Dumont and Daniel Sol

"Honey, I'm Home" star Jacob Magnuson and Filmmaker David Branin

"Honey, I'm Home" actress Karen Woden and MJM's Cam Montgomery, Jr.

David Branin and Musicians Jordan Allen and Kenwood Anderson

Theo Dumont, Actor Richard Riehle, Daniel Sol

David Branin and "Honey, I'm Home" actress Karen Worden

Daniel Sol, Actor Michael Sandy, Theo Dumont and Actor Frantz Durand

David Branin listens to "Honey, I'm Home" Cinematographer/Editor/Producer Vincent Martinez

Filmmakers David Branin and Alex Ferrari

"Honey, I'm Home" music composer Rudy Mangual, Festival Director Daniel Sol, and Actor Frantz Durand

I realize I have a lot more photos to share with you. It will be too many to squeeze in here. If you like these pictures, please leave your comments and that will help me know if I should post more.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Movie Jungle awards "Honey, Im Home" 9 out of 10 rating!!!

Do you have fun checking your email? For me there has been a lot of excitement as I open email pertaining to our latest film, "Honey, I'm Home"

I am very proud of "Honey, I'm Home" but I did not anticipate the kind of reaction we are getting for this film that we shot in five hours for less than $100. Usually this kind of praise is saved for films shot with megabudgets and contain household names.

Never did I imagine I would open an email, like the one I just received from Peter Dimako, Editor in Chief of

Here it is...

"Hi David,

Saw it and absolutely loved it! 9/10 score; it's outstanding and highly entertaining."

That was in his private email to me. In his official review he provides this quote.

"Dream Regime Productions in association with Def Films presents a David Branin directed and written film that is absolutley brilliant!"

Peter, thank you for taking the time to review our work. Very happy to know that you enjoyed "Honey, I'm Home" Hopefully with the help our your review and those like yours, it will push us in the direction of reaching our goal to have it screen in all 50 states while reaching an ever growing mass audience.

Here is the full review scores "Honey, I'm Home" 9 out of 10!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Rub: Movie Reviews - "Enjoyed it more the second time around"

Check out that headline again! That is a great way to sum up "Honey, I'm Home" It is the kind of film that is 'surprising' on it's first viewing but one that you will probably need to see a second time.

Take a look at the full quote from Film Critic, Jeremy Welsch who is the man behind "The Rub: Movie Reviews"

"During a second viewing, even armed with the knowledge of how the story turned out, I was surprised at how well the story was set up leading up to the twist, and I actually enjoyed it more the second time around."

Jeremy, the review is well worth the wait. Glad you enjoyed the film. It is a great compliment to know that you watched our film more than once. Thank you for your time and for sharing our work with your audience.

Here is the full review - The Rub: Movie Reviews - "Honey, I'm Home"

More "Honey, I'm Home" Reviews!

We have been very fortunate with the many reviews we have coming in. Coming off the Audience Choice Award at Hollyshorts, it is great to have some more reviews to share with you. We like to give each review it's own dedicated posting, so we will share them one by one. Hope to have them up for you very soon.

For any movie reviewer out there, we have no limit on the amount of reviews we are seeking. If you are interested in reviewing "Honey, I'm Home" please do not hesitate to contact us.

David Branin

Dream Regime Productions



Friday, August 17, 2007

Announcing the Making of Jordan Allen’s Debut Music Video

Hollywood, CA August 17, 2007 - Simplicity Records announced at the HollyShorts Film Festival that an agreement is in place to have Dream Regime Productions and Def Films produce singer/songwriter Jordan Allen’s debut music video for “Extraordinary” off of his latest album, “Mistakes, Regrets, and Coffee”

Jordan Allen ( hails from the deep south and brings with him a bit of that songwriting tradition. His new album, "MISTAKES, REGRETS AND COFFEE", combines his tried-and-true songwriting approach with an emotional, in-the-moment sound. His music springs from his own life experiences. A busted relationship, a friend in need, the hope of finding the perfect girl, the search for self. People can relate to his songs because the topics are timeless: Love, loss, inadequacy, pain, struggle, joy, hope...all of these things are universal.

“Extraordinary” will be directed and produced by rising independent filmmakers David Branin and Vincent Martinez. The same duo behind this year’s ‘surprise’ short film, “Honey, I’m Home” which won the HollyShorts Audience Choice Award in its premiere festival.

In making the announcement, writer/director David Branin said, “It’s an honor to be involved with this project in any capacity. Jordan is one of the most gifted and talented musicians that I know on a personal level. Hopefully this video will play a small part in helping Jordan showcase his music to an ever growing mass audience.”

Jordan Allen added “With David’s work, every movement has a meaning, every word a responsibility. Our collaboration on this music video is quintessential, for I too believe in such significance--that every single lyric and every single melody must hold some importance, no matter how slight or small they may seem. I look forward mightily to our conspiracy. This is gonna be downright substantial!"

In addition to Jordan Allen, the video will also feature his band mates, accomplished drummer Kenwood Anderson, and in-demand bassist Keith Eaddy.

About Jordan Allen ( – Now based in Los Angeles, Jordan was born and raised in Georgia. He has recently been featured on ABC 7 special report, “Up and Coming Musicians in Hollywood” by news anchor Phillip Palmer. He has performed in front of crowds of thousands of people all the way down to intimate house concerts which have spanned North America. They include LA, GA, FL, NY, NJ, Vancouver BC, South Carolina, North Carolina, San Francisco, Orlando, Miami, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Boston, The Berkshires, Minneapolis and Alabama. His music has received distribution through a multitude of internet sites in addition to internet radio.

About Def Films ( - Def Films started as Definition Magazine back in 1996 and has since become Def Films. 2007 film releases include “Too Late for Tears” and “Harlem Sunset.” The production company helmed by Vincent Martinez has also produced promotional videos for Pepsi/Milk Chillers, Alley Cat, and E-21 BMX. This past year has also seen the expansion of Def Films still photography division adding eight models to its list of credits.

About Dream Regime Productions ( - A collaborative team of business minded professionals encompassing all forms of entertainment. The film division has produced the internet sensations, “Religious Freaks Gone Wild” and “Bodywash Spoof” which have been added to countless online sites worldwide and have been viewed by millions. Recent film title “Shoot-Out” is an award winning short film which has appeared in over 20 international film festivals and has garnered a lot of critical acclaim.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

HollyShorts ’07 Recap

What a thrilling weekend we had at the HollyShorts Film Festival. It was a great three day event. It was capped off by our surprising film, "Honey, I'm Home" winning the Audience Choice Award for Day 2 of the festival.

The fest kicked off Friday night at Club Nacional in Hollywood with Adrian Grenier's "Euthanasia" opening the festival.

For those who would like a picture.

We have a lot of photos from the festival that we look forward to sharing with you. Hopefully very soon. We are waiting for the pics to come in. Once we have them, we will probably post them in a long photo blog for you.

Over the two days of the festival, it was amazing how many filmmakers attended. The list included Michael Attardi, Tony West, Justin Liberman, Jason Roberts, Alex Ferrari, Karen Dee Carpenter, Jim Grollman, Phil Allocco, Shawna Baca, Brandon Maxwell, and Leah Meyerhoff. Even with all these names, I am probably leaving over half the amount of directors that were on hand for the festival. That's a pretty powerful list of filmmakers of who have been doing big things on the independent scene.

As mentioned previously, I was interviewed by Damon Campbell who is doing a documentary on this past weekend's HollyShorts Festival. I was also interviewed by Ourstage who was the premium sponsor of the event, and I was interviewd by Steven Buchsbaum from

Look forward to sharing those interviews with you when they become available.

Sunday was a day powerpacked with films and a business superpanel who's topic was "Packaging, Promoting, Marketing and Distributing Your Project in the Digital Era" The panel was Moderated by Stuart Altman, Vice President, Film Industry Network. The Panelists: Mark Stoloraff, instructor, No Budget Film School; Story analyst for Imagine Films Entertainment, CBS, Anschultz Film Group and Participant Productions Peter Russell; Entertainment Power Lawyers Greg Bernstein, Law offices of Greg Bernstein), Paul Battista, Esq., Partner, MindFusion Law Corporation and Mychal Wilson, Esq., Partner, MindFusion Law Corporation.

The panel got pretty intense and was quite informative. It's great having nuts and bolts commentary like this within the course of the festival.

Big Announcement - News is coming very shortly about an agreement to do my first music video. The video will be produced by myself, David Branin, and Vincent Martinez. The same duo behind "Honey, I'm Home"

For those of you who attended the festival and even for those who didn't. Sunday featured almost 8 hours of short film programming. Great films from all different genres. Somehow, within all of that, our 5 minute film won over the audience. It was amazing to cap off the festival at the awards ceremony and hearing "Honey, I'm Home" being called out as the Audience Choice Award Winner. It is an honor we were not expecting. There were so many impressive films that it is hard to believe we would walk away with such recognition. We just want to say congratulations to all filmmakers on hand for putting out great work and we want to thank HollyShorts festival directors Daniel Sol and Theo Dumont for running a first-class event on all levels.

Another Official Selection

The demand to see "Honey, I'm Home" is increasing. At least we would like to believe that. Well, if you are in the Phoenix area, our film is coming your way. That is our next destination as we pursue our goal of screening in all 50 States.

I have just received word from Steve Weiss at No Festival Required that after going through the screening process, "Honey, I'm Home" has been accepted and will screen in Phoenix, AZ in September.

The details for the screening will be available for you very soon.

More About NFR - No Festival Required is a microcinema project based in Phoenix Arizona, with almost monthly screenings of short films and videos the First Sunday of each month at The Paper Heart, and featured screenings at various times and various venues. For more information, go to

Monday, August 13, 2007

Review - This is some scene - "Remarkable acting ability displayed by Jacob Magnuson"

Coming off an amazing weekend at HollyShorts. Don't worry, I will be providng you a recap of the festival very soon. First I have to get you caught up on the reviews we have coming in for "Honey, I'm Home"

I believe Ralph James of This is some scene provided us our fastest review ever! According to my records, I mailed out the DVD screener on one day and Ralph had his review up the very next day. Have never seen anything like it.

Not only did Ralph provide us a fast review, it is concise and well-written. He had some amazing things to say about our film.

Here is the full review - This is some scene reviews "Honey, I'm Home"

About This is some scene: Guerilladelphia has developed to report and review the Entertainment World in true Guerilladelphia style! Ralph James Ippoliti is joined by Chris Blake Sasser, Doug Lipski, Kristin Theckston, and Jonathan Jones in covering entertainment news, reviews and interviews. They are in the process of adding to the Guerilladelphia crew of writers.

Honey, I’m Home wins Audience Choice Award at HollyShorts

I am too exhausted after this weekend to go into the full details, but "Honey, I'm Home" gains validation as the 'surprise' hit of the HollyShorts Film Festival by winning Sunday's Audience Choice Award. I am pretty shocked by it. And I feel quite honored, very fortunate.

Will post more after I am able to get some rest.

PS - Also have some pretty big news to announce in conjunction with this weekend's festival. Will have a press release out early this week....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

HollyShorts Update

The HollyShorts Film Festival has been awesome the past two days! Before I get into the full update, let me just quickly remind you that "Honey, I'm Home" will have it's World Premiere tomorrow (I have begun typing this before midnight) Sunday August 12th at about 4pm at CineSpace at 6356 Hollywood Blvd. Based on today's turnout, we are going to have a packed theater at that time. Very likely going to be standing room only for a lot folks.

It was great to see Adrian Grenier at the Opening Night Reception. His short film "Euthanasia" kicked off the fest. Club Nacional was packed. The guest count was easily over 400.

The press I have been able to generate thus far from being the festival has been an added bonus. At the opening night reception, I was interviewed by Damon Campbell who is doing a short documentary on the festival. In addition to that I was interviewed on the red carpet by OurStage, who is a premium sponsor of the event and provided exclusive inside coverage of the Opening Night Party. It was a great experience and lots of fun. Both of these interviews will make their way online soon, and when they do, I will share them with you.

The festival itself today (Saturday) was tremendous. The festival directors Daniel Sol and Theo Dumont do a great job providing an intimate connection with all attending filmmakers to the event. You are not just another number or just another filmmaker. Every filmmaker who shows up is welcomed and embraced.

The highlights for me today were connecting connecting filmmakers Alex Ferrari (Broken, Cyn) and Jason Roberts (Tell-Tale). I have become familiar with Alex through his smash hit "Broken." The amount of attention he has garnered for his short film has been inspiration not only to me but to many independent filmmakers across the land. It's also cool, because my previous film "Shoot-Out" has screened at many of the same festivals as "Broken." Not only that, but his latest effort, "Cyn" made it's World Premiere today, and my latest effort, "Honey, I'm Home" will premiere tomorrow.

I wasn't familiar with Jason before today, but we crossed paths twice today and got to know each other a little. Great guy and passionate filmmaker. His work "Tell-Tale" inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's work is an impressive film. The cinematography, editing, and sound design on the film is all top notch. Check it out at an upcoming film festival near you.

Not only I was able to connect with those two talented filmmakers, I also received my third video interview from Steven Buchsbaum of He is going to have a lot of great interviews from the festival available online over the next week or so. Will keep you posted.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, hope to see you at CineSpace for the HollyShorts Film Festival and for the World Premiere of "Honey, I'm Home"

My best,

David Branin

Dream Regime Productions


Our First Bad Review

Imagine you are an artist. A filmmaker, musician, actor, writer, poet, painter…whatever your art may be, once you start putting your art out to the public, you open it up to criticism.

It's not something to shy away from, it is something to embrace.

Now imagine this. A critic views your work, and let's you know up front that he isn't going to write the best review regarding your work. In other words, your creation is about to be bashed.

You have two choices, thank the critic for his time and move on. Or you can walk into the fire and welcome the criticism.

What would you do?

To our surprise, all of our early reviews of "Honey, I'm Home" have been pretty amazing. Now we were given warning, there was a bad review coming. Our first blemish. Yet we were given the choice to avoid it. How often does that happen?

Jonathan Hickman of is a classy guy, extremely professional. We are big fans of his work and his opinions. We thank him for taking his time to view our latest effort and offer us his honest thoughts. No honest review is a bad review.

For us, there was no dilemma in answering the question of whether to accept the review or not. We are thankful for it.

Here is the full review – Reviews "Honey, I'm Home"

Often there is good news hidden within all the bad news we receive. In our case here, if this is the worst review we receive for "Honey, I'm Home" we are in great shape.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tony Farinella Review - “It’s a shocker, by god!”

I have a Tony Farinella story for you. He's also known as the "Bachelor Critic" and he writes for "The Comic Book Bin," among others.

I'm just not sure if I should share this story with you. I don't want to get Tony mad at me. It's the kind of story I can only share, if you promise to read this all the way through. Can you do that? All right, as long as you promise.

Keep on reading. Here is the story, a year ago I contacted Tony for a review of my short film, "Shoot-Out". His interest was piqued by my attention-grabbing query letter. (Shoot-Out has received amazing press) After reading my email he asked that I mail him a copy, which I did. His life swept him away as did mine. I never touched base with him again to follow through on the review. Needless to say, he never reviewed the film.

Remember your promise? This is the part of the story you do not want to miss. It wasn't until I started contacting critics to review my latest film, "Honey, I'm Home" that I came across Tony's name again. Maybe he did review "Shoot-Out" and I just wasn't aware of it. So I started doing some research. I couldn't find his review anywhere. Should I really bother to send him a copy of "Honey, I'm Home" I asked myself?

He deserved another chance, didn't he? I decided to go for it and contacted him to see if he would be interested in reviewing "Honey, I'm Home." Once again, my query letter grabbed his attention. He said he would certainly be interested. I planned to send him a copy, knowing that this time I would follow through with him. I even asked him if he ever reviewed "Shoot-Out." This is where it really gets good. Now you will find out why I am sharing this story with you.

Tony could have been defensive or he could have weaseled himself out of the situation. He didn't do that. He instead admitted that he had received the film, yet with his schedule and life being life, never got around to watching it. (Tony, it's still not too late to watch it) He took the honest approach.

Now I was glad that I had decided to contact Tony again. If he will be honest about not watching "Shoot-Out" and not trying to duck out of it, then I knew he was going to give his honest thoughts and feedback on any film he reviews. I just had to make sure that he would review "Honey, I'm Home."

Know what makes this story even better? I didn't need to follow through with Tony at all. He reviewed the film before I had a chance to contact him. Not only that, but we have been rewarded with an honest and awesome review.

Here is Tony's full review - "In today's cliched Hollywood world, it's refreshing to see creative writing on the Independent level"

The reviews are pouring In...

We have just received a bunch of reviews of "Honey, I'm Home" all at once. We would like to give each it's own amount of love and respect. Can't wait to share this latest press with you.

Please stay tuned, we will be adding each review one by one to this blog.

Thank you to all the critics who are taking the time to review our latest work. If you are a movie reviewer and would like to review "Honey, I'm Home" for your site please do not hesitate to request a screener copy of the film. You can email us at

And thank you for checking in with us to see the latest happenings with this film. It is great to have your interest in our film, and we hope that with our goal to have it screen in all 50 states, that you will soon have your chance to see "Honey, I'm Home." If you are in the Los Angeles area, come out to the World Premiere this Sunday, August 12th at the HollyShorts Film Festival which will take place at CineSpace located at 6356 Hollywood Blvd. Screen time is approximately 4pm.

In-Depth Interview with Daniel Sol (HollyShorts Co-Founder) by Sharp Radio Network

This interview with HollyShorts co-founder Daniel Sol is great for filmmakers, writers, directors, actors actresses, and anyone else with film ties. It provides you with an in-depth look about why certain films are chosen for film festivals and why they are not. Not many festival directors are as accessible as Daniel Sol, so it is hard to find this kind of inside knowledge.

The interview is conducted by Ben Pratt from the Sharp Radio Network. The interview is not one that runs on and on so it well worth the time to listen.

The link below will bring you to the Sharp Radio Network page, from there just click on "Go To HollyShorts"

Interview with HollyShorts Co-Founder Daniel Sol

For more on the upcoming HollyShorts Film Festival (August 10th-12th) visit

Monday, August 06, 2007

Brand New Tyshawn Bryant Movie Trailer (Upcoming C. Thomas Howell Film)

The first trailer for Mutant Vampire Zombies From The 'Hood! had its World Premiere at Comic-Con 2007 in San Diego this past weekend. The preview screened at the conclusion of "Zombie Night", immediately following a screening of the 80's cult classic "Night of the Comet". The audience laughed and applauded and seemed quite appreciative of the brief sneak peak.

The film stars Tyshawn Bryant, Dream Regime producer and star of "Shoot-Out" along with C. Thomas Howell (The Hitcher, Soul Man, E.T.)

Without further ado, here is the link to the official site. Enter the site and click on "Trailer" to see the brand new teaser.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Brand New Review - Rogue Cinema

Making movies allows you to connect with others. One of those connections that I have made along the way has been with Duane L. Martin of Rogue Cinema who is a strong supporter of independent film. He was the first reviewer to offer his thoughts on our last film, "Shoot-Out"

He was so impressed with the film that he offered to interview the boys (David Branin, Daniel Sol, and Tyshawn Bryant) behind that project. It contains great insight and is a cool look down memory lane for those interested.

Rogue Cinema Interview with David Branin, Daniel Sol, and Tyshawn Bryant

When I contacted Duane a few weeks ago to possibly review "Honey, I'm Home," he didn't hesitate to have me shoot him a copy. I wasn't sure how he would respond to this one but it looks like we won him over again.

"The film does have an incredibly surprising ending...I won't give it away here though. You'll have to watch the short."

Duane, thank you once again for taking time out to review our work. You are a tremendous asset to all of us in the independent film community.

Here is the Full Review - Duane L. Martin (Rogue Cinema) Reviews "Honey, I'm Home"

Free Hollyshorts Opening Night Party!!! (August 10th 7pm)

All you have to do is RSVP
Email: with your reservation.

Party starts at Club Nacional (1645 Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood)
at 7pm on Friday August 10th.

Adrian Grenier of Entourage ( directed the festival's opening film "Euthanasia" which will screen at 8pm.

There will be free hors'doeuvres and specialty drinks.

Hope to see you there.

PS - Make sure to RSVP.

You are welcome to forward this news to anyone you believe would like to attend.

Movies Made Me - "A highly enjoyable piece that left me surprised at how much I loved it."

The secret is getting out.

When was the last time you heard people buzzing about a film made for less than $100?

It is now happening with David Branin's "Honey, I'm Home" A film that critics are falling in love with. Take another look at the headline of this post.

"A highly enjoyable piece that left me surprised at how much I loved it."

That is what film critic Chad Connolly of MvMMDI had to say about "Honey, I'm Home" which premieres August 12th at the HollyShorts Film Festival. Check our homepage for further details on the screening.

In a private email to me, Chad revealed that "Honey, I'm Home" was one of those rare films that required a second viewing. Great to hear and great to have this latest review to pass onto you!

Here it is!

The Movies Made Me Do It reviews "Honey, I'm Home"

Monday, July 23, 2007

ADitude Advertising - "Honey Im Home is a quick and intense ride from start to finish!"

Look at this sensational review! This has just arrived from Trey McGriff, Film Department - Aditude Advertising.

We sent Trey a copy of our previous film, "Shoot-Out," a film that he absolutely loved and caused him to write "4 out of 4 Stars! You need to see this film!"

Knowing how he felt about our previous film, we were really excited to get a copy of our latest film, "Honey, I'm Home" into his hands. Apparently, he couldn't wait to view it himself. Here's what he wrote back after he received his screener DVD in the mail.

"Congrats again on everything and I'm pumped to watch this tonight as
the main feature!! We've got some people that will be watching too,
should be a fun time and a new crowd to turn your film on to!"

Well, what happened you ask?

Here is his response after watching the film with a crowd of people.

"We watched your film this weekend and everyone loved it man! Truly
great work!! The ending really caught us all by surprise and the
acting was superb, as well as the music, directing and all footage!
Congrats on such a unique twist in this film, it was a really fun

Looks like we did it again!

Trey McGriff's official review is short and sweet. He provided us the above banner to go with it. Here it is.


"Honey I'm Home is a quick and intense ride from start to finish! David Branin really shows his directing and writing skills in this attention grabbing short film! You'll never guess how this films ends! A must see for any film lover! This film was made by David Branin and you can order the DVD today at or"

For more information on ADitude Advertising and their amazing catalog of Ad Specialties, Promotional Products, and Graphic Design, visit

Announcing 2nd Official Film Festival Selection!!!

Imagine a film being made on a shoestring budget of less than $100 competing with films made for 100 times more. It is no fantasy. We have just received word that "Honey, I'm Home" has been accepted into this year's which is based in Italy! Our 1st International Film Festival.

This is just the beginning. Our goal is to have a screening of "Honey, I'm Home" in every state in America. Stay tuned for when it comes to a city near you!

More on the festival as it becomes available.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Honey, I'm Home" - The Greatest Review!!!

We have just received our latest and Greatest review from The World's Greatest Critic, J.C. Macek III.

Allow us to share a story with you. When we seeking press on our previous film, Shoot-Out we contacted a slew of movie critics. We will never forget J.C. Macek's intial reply..

"It's my pleasure to review independent films, just so long as the makers respect the fact that my opinion will be honest and fair, and that it's understood that my writing style is primarily comical. In short, no hurt feelings intended."

Fair enough, as we wanted to hear what the World's Greatest had to say about our film. We figured even if he bashes our project, something good will come out of it. What was the verdict??? He loved "Shoot-Out!!!" He watched it many times over and provided us an amazing Review.

We do not bring up this story to toot our own horns, we bring it up because JC Macek III, who has seen thousands of films, is not an easy critic to please. If a film is poor it is going to be known, and if a film is great it will be praised. We love the way he writes and his comic style which leads to the question...

How did we fair this time around with our latest project, "Honey, I'm Home???"

Here are a couple of quotes from the review

"Worth every second of the viewing...a very unique film"

"Branin's still got a great way with the pen here, and his work feels fully thought out and well-imagined."

Don't stop there, you will want to read the entire review.

Here it is: World's Greatest Critic Reviews Honey I'm Home

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Honey, Im Home' featured on FilmSynergy!!!

Want to thank the good folks at FilmSynergy for adding our World Premiere Press Release to their site. Looks like a great resource for indie filmmakers out there.

Here is the link - David Branin's "Honey, I'm Home" to Premiere at HollyShorts Film Festival

Friday, July 13, 2007

Daniel Sol on FIN Panel

Los Angeles---On Sunday, July 8 Daniel Sol, HollyShorts Festival Director and Co-founder spoke on the Film Industry Network (FIN) panel titled "Award Winning Directors: The Short Films", which took place at Sony Studios.

Film Industry Network (or FIN for short) is a non-profit networking community comprised of individuals from all facets of the entertainment industry. FIN provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere where individuals can make key contacts, develop solid industry relationships, exchange vital resources and take advantage of real networking opportunities. Our goal is to create an organization that truly supports the goals and careers of its members.Offering more than just a snack and a guest speaker, FIN hosts terrific panels as well as a variety of valuable programs like: -Yearly Screenplay Competition -Mentorship program -And More.

FIN provides real networking opportunities, so come to the next FIN meeting and network your tail off.

HIT REVIEW - "If this is a calling card for Tinseltown, it’s an excellent"

Another review for "Honey, I'm Home" is now on the board, thanks to JB at Hollywood is Talking. He handles himself quite professionally and reviews material in a proficient and efficient manner.

For those who have not boomarked the site, we would highly recommend it as HIT covers Hollywood, Indiewood, Trulyindies, books, art, lit., gossip, etc. with new material posted daily. The site offers quite a fresh perspective compared to many other film sites.

JB has seen a ton of films, yet here's what he had to say about our film...

"Suffice it to say, it was good enough to completely surprise me. These guys never go in a clich├ęd direction which is a big plus."

Here is the full review - HIT Reviews Honey, I'm Home