Monday, July 23, 2007

ADitude Advertising - "Honey Im Home is a quick and intense ride from start to finish!"

Look at this sensational review! This has just arrived from Trey McGriff, Film Department - Aditude Advertising.

We sent Trey a copy of our previous film, "Shoot-Out," a film that he absolutely loved and caused him to write "4 out of 4 Stars! You need to see this film!"

Knowing how he felt about our previous film, we were really excited to get a copy of our latest film, "Honey, I'm Home" into his hands. Apparently, he couldn't wait to view it himself. Here's what he wrote back after he received his screener DVD in the mail.

"Congrats again on everything and I'm pumped to watch this tonight as
the main feature!! We've got some people that will be watching too,
should be a fun time and a new crowd to turn your film on to!"

Well, what happened you ask?

Here is his response after watching the film with a crowd of people.

"We watched your film this weekend and everyone loved it man! Truly
great work!! The ending really caught us all by surprise and the
acting was superb, as well as the music, directing and all footage!
Congrats on such a unique twist in this film, it was a really fun

Looks like we did it again!

Trey McGriff's official review is short and sweet. He provided us the above banner to go with it. Here it is.


"Honey I'm Home is a quick and intense ride from start to finish! David Branin really shows his directing and writing skills in this attention grabbing short film! You'll never guess how this films ends! A must see for any film lover! This film was made by David Branin and you can order the DVD today at or"

For more information on ADitude Advertising and their amazing catalog of Ad Specialties, Promotional Products, and Graphic Design, visit

Announcing 2nd Official Film Festival Selection!!!

Imagine a film being made on a shoestring budget of less than $100 competing with films made for 100 times more. It is no fantasy. We have just received word that "Honey, I'm Home" has been accepted into this year's which is based in Italy! Our 1st International Film Festival.

This is just the beginning. Our goal is to have a screening of "Honey, I'm Home" in every state in America. Stay tuned for when it comes to a city near you!

More on the festival as it becomes available.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

"Honey, I'm Home" - The Greatest Review!!!

We have just received our latest and Greatest review from The World's Greatest Critic, J.C. Macek III.

Allow us to share a story with you. When we seeking press on our previous film, Shoot-Out we contacted a slew of movie critics. We will never forget J.C. Macek's intial reply..

"It's my pleasure to review independent films, just so long as the makers respect the fact that my opinion will be honest and fair, and that it's understood that my writing style is primarily comical. In short, no hurt feelings intended."

Fair enough, as we wanted to hear what the World's Greatest had to say about our film. We figured even if he bashes our project, something good will come out of it. What was the verdict??? He loved "Shoot-Out!!!" He watched it many times over and provided us an amazing Review.

We do not bring up this story to toot our own horns, we bring it up because JC Macek III, who has seen thousands of films, is not an easy critic to please. If a film is poor it is going to be known, and if a film is great it will be praised. We love the way he writes and his comic style which leads to the question...

How did we fair this time around with our latest project, "Honey, I'm Home???"

Here are a couple of quotes from the review

"Worth every second of the viewing...a very unique film"

"Branin's still got a great way with the pen here, and his work feels fully thought out and well-imagined."

Don't stop there, you will want to read the entire review.

Here it is: World's Greatest Critic Reviews Honey I'm Home

Sunday, July 15, 2007

"Honey, Im Home' featured on FilmSynergy!!!

Want to thank the good folks at FilmSynergy for adding our World Premiere Press Release to their site. Looks like a great resource for indie filmmakers out there.

Here is the link - David Branin's "Honey, I'm Home" to Premiere at HollyShorts Film Festival

Friday, July 13, 2007

Daniel Sol on FIN Panel

Los Angeles---On Sunday, July 8 Daniel Sol, HollyShorts Festival Director and Co-founder spoke on the Film Industry Network (FIN) panel titled "Award Winning Directors: The Short Films", which took place at Sony Studios.

Film Industry Network (or FIN for short) is a non-profit networking community comprised of individuals from all facets of the entertainment industry. FIN provides a fun and relaxed atmosphere where individuals can make key contacts, develop solid industry relationships, exchange vital resources and take advantage of real networking opportunities. Our goal is to create an organization that truly supports the goals and careers of its members.Offering more than just a snack and a guest speaker, FIN hosts terrific panels as well as a variety of valuable programs like: -Yearly Screenplay Competition -Mentorship program -And More.

FIN provides real networking opportunities, so come to the next FIN meeting and network your tail off.

HIT REVIEW - "If this is a calling card for Tinseltown, it’s an excellent"

Another review for "Honey, I'm Home" is now on the board, thanks to JB at Hollywood is Talking. He handles himself quite professionally and reviews material in a proficient and efficient manner.

For those who have not boomarked the site, we would highly recommend it as HIT covers Hollywood, Indiewood, Trulyindies, books, art, lit., gossip, etc. with new material posted daily. The site offers quite a fresh perspective compared to many other film sites.

JB has seen a ton of films, yet here's what he had to say about our film...

"Suffice it to say, it was good enough to completely surprise me. These guys never go in a clich├ęd direction which is a big plus."

Here is the full review - HIT Reviews Honey, I'm Home

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cinema Crazed - “Honey, I’m Home” is different and original, and it kicked my ass.


We must thank our man, Felix Vasquez, Jr. at Cinema Crazed for his diligence and professionalism. Not only did he provide us a little early press coverage (We Go Inside Honey I'm Home) on our latest film last week, he has now provided us with an amazing review!!!

Here is a little taste of what he wrote...

"The script here is clever, and it's one that I hope sports an award or two at festivals because originality is very hard to come by, even with Indie films."

Here is the link to the review - Cinema Crazed Reviews "Honey, I'm Home"

Monday, July 09, 2007

"Honey, I'm Home" featured at!!!

We are proud to announce that our most recent press release of our upcoming World Premiere at the HollyShorts Film Festival on Sunday August 12th at CineSpace in Hollywood was added to

Attention filmmakers, artists, musicians, comics, dancers, and everybody around the globe. We highly suggest you hook up with and what Anessa is building there. is a tremendous resource for anyone looking to network and connect with others. Not to mention broadening your audience base. We would strongly recommend you sign up and join this growing community.

Link - "Honey" at

More about is a place to connect. It provides anything that it's members want to post. Whether it's a need for an apartment, finding a home for an animal, or simply advertising a show, has it all. The more things on this website, the better. is here to be a resource for LA locals and even those who plan to visit L.A.. Members can request to post something anytime. There are emails that go out to all members notifying them of new postings and upcoming events for that week.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Emerging Artist's - Jordan Allen to perform at Kulak's Woodshed on July 26th!

Hello everyone...

We are performing at Kulak's Woodshed! It is a live acoustic music, singer songwriter listening room and pioneering multi-camera webcast recording studio. A Labor of Love created by Paul Kulak in November, 1999 operated by volunteers and funded by audience donations.

They serve no food or alcohol. The artists who perform there range from emerging independent talents to number one hit writers and Grammy winners.

It has a "living room" feel and is perfect to sit and listen to music. Coffee and tea is available ($1 donation) and parking is an absolute cinch.

I will be joined by some really talented musicians on this night, and I cannot express how magnificent this venue really is for all of us.

*Suggested donation is $5...this goes completely to support the work that Kulak's Woodshed does for independent musicians.

We hope you will join us...


Jordan Allen, Kenwood Anderson, Keith Eaddy, Nancy Lawrence and
Jim Burt

Jodan Allen

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jacob Magnuson Receives Magnificent Review!!!

Forgive us if this is a little bit dated, but we have just come across this review.

Jacob Magnuson, star of "Honey, I'm Home" is also coming off his role as "Ed" in the theater production of Joe Salazar's "Free Bird" which concluded in May.

Debi Hall of Notes From Hollywood had this to say of Jacob.

"And where did he find Jacob Magnuson? What a diamond in the rough this superstar was!"

and she goes into more detail...

"Jacob Magnuson was stunning as Ed. He created relationships with the other characters that superceded a suspension of disbelief. It was clear to everyone in the audience that he was deeply committed to this role and performed it with heart and integrity. I believed every word he said and cared deeply about his life. His passion for Joe’s script filled everyone with tears by the end of the performance. It’s clear blue skies for Jacob as he climbs the ladder of success."

Here is the full article,

Diamond in the Rough

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Early Press on "Honey" from Cinema Crazed!!!

Let us thank Felix Vasquez, Jr.and his sensational film site, Cinema Crazed for rolling out some early press on "Honey, I'm Home"

Here's a snippet of the write-up...

"From the gist, "Honey I'm Home" involves a man whose wife may or may not know that he's cheating on her, and from there, it gets awfully hazy. Director Branin is intent on keeping this project's details a mystery, which draws the interest of us at Cinema Crazed."

Here is the direct link - We Go Inside Honey I'm Home

Honey I’m Home to Premiere at HollyShorts Film Festival on August 12th!!!

We are tremendously excited to report that "Honey I'm Home," our brand new short film was accepted into this year's HollyShorts Film Festival. It was the first festival we submitted it to, and it becomes our first Official Selection.

Honey I'm Home is written and directed by David Branin while being shot and edited by Vincent Martinez of Def Films. It stars Jacob Magnuson and Karen Worden. "Shoot-Out" composer Rudy Mangual reunites with Branin to complete the original musical score.

This film tackles the topic of being unfaithful and having to confess the truth to one's companion. Never before has infidelity been explored in the way that Branin does in this five minute masterpiece.

Honey I'm Home will make it's World Premiere at the HollyShorts Film Festival on Sunday August 12th at the CineSpace Digital Superclub located on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

More about the festival:

The opening night Hollywood premiere of Adrian Grenier's ("Entourage") acclaimed short film "Euthanasia" will take place at Nacional in Hollywood on Friday, August 10.

The film festival and panels take place at Cinespace Digital Superclub August 11-12.

"We are thrilled to be back in Hollywood to showcase 60 of the best and brightest short films from around the globe," said Daniel Sol, HollyShorts Film Festival Director. "This year's festival will feature an action packed schedule of short film screenings, industry panels, networking events and receptions; it's an honor to bring the industry and the next generation of great filmmakers together for three days."

HollyShorts received over 500 submission for this years festival. Along with a strong domestic presence, the 3rd annual HollyShorts Film Festival will feature a slew of shorts from the international community, with films from Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Romania, Spain and Singapore.

13 selections are in competition for the Best Student Short Film category. HollyShorts has chosen student projects from: The School of Visual Arts in New York, Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida, AFI, NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Ohio University School of Film, BYU, Columbia University, Temple University, University of North Carolina at Wilmington and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, University of Miami, and USC.

For more on the festival you can visit

Monday, July 02, 2007

Honey I'm Home is DONE!!!


We finished our latest short film project today.  One that you and many others are going to enjoy.  A film that is going to leave quite an impression on a lot of people.  We cannot wait for you to see this one.  Stay tuned, much more news on "Honey I'm Home" coming soon.

Police Chewing Gum Spoof launches on YouTube!!!

Our 2nd Place Grand Prize Winner in April's Darejunkies contest is now available for viewing on YouTube.  Now both of our Chewing Gum Spoofs can be viewed on YouTube.  This one stars Daniel Sol and Frantz Durand and is directed by David Branin. 

Both commercial spoofs were done in a couple of hours with no crew and no money.  Just us getting together and having a little fun.  Hope you can get a laugh or two of them.

You can click below to watch it now!