Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New York New York New York!!!

I am proud to announce that "Honey, I'm Home" is screening in New York on May 14th, 2008! I have receive word from Barney Oldfield, Executive Producer of NewFilmmakers NY. It will screen in conjunction with Aaron Lehmann's feature film, House of Women.

This makes the 15th Official Selection for a movie I made with the change from my pockets. Really does show that with creativity and a fresh story you can achieve results usually reserved for films with budgets in the thousands.

Here is the link to the full Spring schedule of NewFilmakers NY -

Will get you further details as they become available. Thank you for your support and interest.

Honey, I'm Home available at

Saturday, January 19, 2008

3 More Festivals and Distribution for "Honey, I'm Home"

The year has started off on a great note for David Branin's "Honey, I'm Home." Last year's HollyShorts Audience Award Winner has been accepted into three more festivals. Making it 14 Official Selections for a film that was made for less than $100. Recent selections include Bursa International Silk Road Film Festival, the Rome Independent Film Festival and the Lake County Film Festival. It also screened at the Festivus Film Festival on January 12th, 2008.

If you can't make it to one of the upcoming screenings, you can now find the film available for purchase through the independent distribution site, Since being posted there on December 12th, 2007, "Honey, I'm Home" has amassed more than 9000 hits. Cruxy specializes in secure and easy purchases through paypal, google checkout, or your credit card. Here is the direct link if you would like to purchase and download "Honey, I'm Home" today.
"Honey, I'm Home" tackles the topic of being unfaithful and having to confess the truth to one's companion. Never before has infidelity been explored in the way Branin does in this five minute tale. "Honey I'm Home" is written & directed by David Branin (Shoot-Out, Untitled David Branin Feature Film Project) while being shot and edited by Vincent Martinez (Comic Noir, Harlem Sunset, Too Late For Tears). It stars Jacob Magnuson and Karen Worden with original music done by composer Rudy Mangual.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Audition – Best Super Bowl Dance

What's your Super Bowl Dance? Here is leaked audition footage for director David Branin's upcoming Super Bowl Commercial. Think you should be in it? Prove it. Post your video response.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Lake County Film Festival Accepts "Honey, I’m Home"!!!

I was in the middle of working on a feature story synopsis, when I received the fantastic news that "Honey, I'm Home" has been accepted into the Lake County Film Festival! Have to admit, this is a festival we did not expect to be accepted into, so this news is very well received. This makes 14 Official Selections for "Honey, I'm Home." Really happy to see our $100 film continue to win over judges and fans alike.

Even better is the way the news came about. It wasn't through email or a letter, it was through a phone call with Nat Dykeman, Festival Director of the Lake County Film Festival. To hear first hand that a Festival Director really enjoyed your film...I mean, what can I really say. It is a fantastic feeling.

Will post more detailed information as it becomes available.

Until then, here is the official site: Lake County Film Festival

Launching New Internet Video 1/15/08

"Bad Touchdown Dances"

If you want to be among the first to see it, subscribe to our videos by clicking on the orange subscribe button from the link below.

Can't wait to share this one with you.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Over 5000 Views for "Honey, I’m Home" in 1st month on!!!

A lot of fans and friends are finding and discovering "Honey, I'm Home" over at I have been pleasantly surprised to see 5000+ views in it's first month on the Cruxy website.

Want to thank those of you who are purchasing our film through the site (Cruxy makes it easy by allowing you to use Paypal, Google Checkout, or your Credit Card, easily and securely). I am putting my proceeds towards the budget of my upcoming debut feature film. So, when you pay $0.99 you are doing more than just buying to view "Honey, I'm Home". You are helping to raise beginning funds for my first feature film. Your support has been a tremendous boost to me. Thank you.

There is a free one minute preview of "Honey, I'm Home" on Cruxy as well. Here is the direct link,

More about

Cruxy leverages its core platform technology and knowledge of digital content delivery to provide custom solutions for our media partners. We can power social distribution of media so that fans can, legally, present it, blog it, and promote it. We can power direct digital commerce transactions quickly and securely using industry leading technology. We can create a presence in Second Life that goes beyond buildings or avatars and smartly syndicates media through out the (virtual) world.

Two International Official Selections for "Honey, I’m Home"

First and foremost,

Happy New Year to you!

I am working on making 2008 a big year (which will include my debut feature film!). While attacking this new year, I have discovered that my film, "Honey, I'm Home" was an Official Selection to the Bursa International Silk Road Film Festival which took place December 7th through December 13th, 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey. It is quite an honor that "Honey, I'm Home" was selected as they received over 400 short film submissions.

Official site to the Bursa International Silk Road Film Festival

Must apologize to all my fans in Turkey who missed the screening. I was kept in the dark and was not aware it was accepted. It is tougher to find out word about International Film Festivals. As proof, I was not aware that we had been accepted into yet another International Film Festival. I did some investigating and also discovered that "Honey, I'm Home" has also been accepted into the Roma Independent Film Festival.

The festival runs from April 4th through 12th, 2008. Will keep you posted with more information as it becomes available.

Here is the Roma Independent Film Festival "Honey, I'm Home" page,

Here is the official site page (english)

My best to you as you pursue your life's passions.


Full Version of "Honey, I'm Home" Available at

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Open Audition in Los Angeles (Male 18+) - New David Branin Video

Happy New Year!

It's now official, 2008 is here.

Want to start off the year with some activity. Not going to let this year slip by, so I am attacking it. (Finishing up my 4th draft of my upcoming feature film tonight and in addition shooting this video on Saturday).

Here's the deal.

I have a simple idea that I know will be funny and entertaining. I am shooting it this Saturday 1/5/08 in the Los Angeles area. Shooting will take place between 10:30am and 1pm.

This one is for males only. You do not have to be an actor, might actually be better if you aren't. Looking for guys that are energetic, passionate, and are willing to go over the top on camera.

There is no pay up front for this, yet my mindset is focused on monetary opportunities for the video. When money is made, those in the video will be paid.

Believe it will be fun for everyone involved. In the very least, I guarantee the video will be seen by thousands of people.

If you are interested, and you are available this Saturday 1/5/08 please send your photo to I will respond with further details.

Keep in mind this will be shot in the Los Angeles/Hollywood area.

I will not be able to fit everyone in as we only have two and a half hours to shoot. I'm going for as much diversity as I can. Those who respond earlier are going to have a better chance to be called in. Look forward to possibly working with you and for those of you I cannot fit in, hopefully we will work down the line.

My best,

David Branin