Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What Happened?

The Dream Regime's long awaited 4th Film is in the final stages of post-production and will be making it's way to the internet in the upcoming weeks. Entitled "What Happened to the Toilet Paper?" it's logline is 10 Men, 1 Toilet. Written and Directed by David Branin, this comedy has our largest cast to date, featuring actors seen in previous works such as Daniel Sol, Tyshawn Bryant, Kevin Deen, Chris Cain, and Theo Dumont. We can also watch for new performances from Mark Primiano, Dan Westerman, Brian Erzen, Thomas Graham, Chuck Santa Crose and Liane Ojito. The anticipation builds. Stay tuned for the announcement of it's World Premiere.

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1 comment:

Holly Shorts said...

This film will be awesome. No doubt!