Monday, October 31, 2005

World's Greatest Critic J.C. Macek III Reviews Shoot-Out and Gives it 4.5 Stars out of 5!

We are overwhelmed with the latest review of "Shoot-Out" by the man who refers to himself as the World's Greatest Critic. When we first contacted J.C. Macek III, he let us know his review standards, "It's my pleasure to review independent films, just so long as the makers respect the fact that my opinion will be honest and fair, and that it's understood that my writing style is primarily comical. In short, no hurt feelings intended."

Well, what did he have to say about "Shoot-Out?" This is just a snippet...

"I'm not being overly generous to tell you that Shoot-Out is a triumph, a surprising, well planned, well acted, well shot, well scored and well directed triumph. Shoot-Out is a prime representative of the very best kind of independent short film. It knows the story it needs to tell, and it tells it perfectly within the exact time constraints that it requires, without hubris or self-indulgence, but with one hell of a memorable beginning, middle and end."

For the full entertaining and MUST READ review click here,


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