Friday, March 09, 2007

Shoot-Out DVD Half Price

March Madness is upon us! A lot of minds are turning to what is becoming a national pastime. The NCAA Basketball Tournament, filling out brackets, office pools, #1 seeds, underdogs, upsets, buzzer beaters. People have basketball on their mind.

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Knowing that, we wanted to do something special with our basketball movie "Shoot-Out" For a limited time only (about 3 weeks) we are offering our "Shoot-Out" DVD for half price ($4.99). Now is a great time to pick up a copy for yourself or perhaps a friend. See our Award-Winning film and Official Selection to more than 20 International Film Festivals. A movie that puts hoop fans in the game. It features, two actors that can really ball, breathtaking cinematography, and an ending to die for.

To order, visit our official website and click on the flashing "March Madness Shoot-Out Sale" located at the top of the page. DVD's usually ship within 24 hours.

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