Thursday, November 15, 2007

Critics Weigh in on "Honey, I'm Home"

The secret is getting out....

When was the last time you heard people buzzing about a film made for less than $100? Think about it.

It is now happening with David Branin's "Honey, I'm Home" A film that critics are falling in love with. Look at these quotes.

"A gem in its class"

- - Ricardo Barberini

"If this is a calling card for Tinseltown, it's an excellent effort."

-Hollywood is Talking - Jerry Brewington

"Honey, I'm Home is different and original, and it kicked my ass."

-Cinema Crazed - Felix Vasquez, Jr.

"The ending completely threw me for a loop."

- The Movies Made Me Do It - Tristan Wright

"9 out of 10, Absolutely brilliant!"

- - Peter Dimako

"Branin's still got a great way with the pen here, and his work feels fully thought out and well-imagined."

-World's Greatest Critic - J.C. Macek III

"I actually enjoyed it more the second time around."

- The Rub: Movie Reviews - Jeremy Welsch

"Honey Im Home is a quick and intense ride from start to finish!"

- ADitude Advertising – Trey McGriff

"A highly enjoyable piece that left me surprised at how much I loved it."

-The Movies Made Me Do It - Chad Connolly

"In today's cliched Hollywood world, it's refreshing to see creative writing on the Independent level."

-The Comic Book Bin - Tony Farinella

"In little more than 5 minutes, Branin smartly tells his story and get the most out of it."

-Entertainment Insiders - Jonathan W. Hickman

"The film does have an incredibly surprising ending that was nothing like what I thought it would be."

-Rogue Cinema - Duane Martin

"David Branin has a strong 5 minute piece and shows great promise as a filmmaker."

-This is some scene - Ralph James

"Honey, I'm Home" stars Jacob Magnuson and Karen Worden. It is written and directed by David Branin (Shoot-Out, REFRAGMENTED) while being shot and edited by Vin Martinez (Comic Noir, Harlem Sunset, Too Late For Tears). Original music is scored by Rudy Mangual (Shoot-Out).

This film tackles the topic of being unfaithful and having to confess the truth to one's companion. Never before has infidelity been explored in the way that Branin does in this five minute masterpiece.

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