Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Special Thanks to those Pre-Ordering our DVD

Our official site for Night Before the Wedding( is a work in progress. The next page to be added is one that thanks our DVD Visionaries, those special individuals who are supporting our upcoming project by Pre-Ordering the DVD.

Summed up quickly, we are taking 10 out of 15 dollars and putting the money into our production budget. In return we are thanking our DVD Visionaries on our Official Site and we will be putting their Names in the Film's Ending Credits.

If you are interested in supporting our project, you can order online at Or if you would like to order offline, please contact us at

The list of supporters is steadily growing.

Maria V. Altmann – Vienna, Austria

Jose Amaro – Los Angeles, CA

Phil Begin – Los Angeles, CA

Jason Benjamin – Catonsville, MD

Josh Biondi - Carlsbad, CA

Jud Bogard – North Hollywood, CA

Marie Botello – Claremont, CA

Tyshawn Bryant – Glendale, CA

James Butler – Knoxville, TN

Christian Collins – London, United Kingdom

Keith Collins – Washington, DC

Mary and Paul Collins – Boston, MA

Len Cordova – Burbank, CA

Blake Cox – North Hollywood, CA

Cam DeVictor – Venice, CA

Brian Erzen – North Hollywood, CA

Jennifer Frank – Van Nuys, CA

Kimshelley Garner – Lawndale, CA

Kathryn Grant – Reston, VA

Ivo Gerscovich -

Julie Gillespie – Edgerton, KS

Bill Housekeeper – Price, UT

Nathan Irvine -

Gillian Jacob - VA

Jovial Kemp – North Hollywood, CA

Ezra Kramer - Hermosa Beach, CA

Roxie Lee – Hastings, NE

David Lincoln – Los Angeles, CA

Elliott Lozano - Pasadena, CA

Keven McQueen – Berea, KY

Salomon Medina -

Derek Mehn – Studio City, CA

Johanna Park – Washington, DC

Greg Phelan – Los Angeles, CA

Karl Schuhmacher – St. Charles, MO

Candice Schultz -

Jordan White – Los Angeles, CA

Zachary Williams – Yonkers, NY

Randall Wright – Corona, CA

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