Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Talent to be Featured at The Grandstand

The line-up of talent to be featured at the Dream Regime's first showcase is complete. Here is a sneak peek.

"The Fourth Night" written and directed by Kevin Deen and performed by Ryan Angel and Jerry G. Angelo

"The Waiting Room" written and directed by Liane Ojito and performed by Eric Ethan, Liane Ojito, Benjamin Pratt, Melanie Specht and Katey Wheelhouse

"The Red Coat" written by John Patrick Shanley and performed by Edward Spivak and Giselle Tongi

"The Things I've Seen" written, directed, and performed by Olusegun Oduolowu

"F*ck the Dr. Phil Sh*t" written by Cam Montgomergy, Jr., directed and performed by Tyshawn Byrant and Cam Montgomery, Jr

"Honesty Boulevard" written by Brion Rose, directed and performed by Brion Rose and Shi Ne Nielson

"Imagine Drowning" written by Terry Johnson, directed and performed by Edward Spivak

"Man Gets Hit In Crotch With Wiffle Ball Bat" written & directed by Elliott Owen and performed by Shelley Delayne, Scottie Martin and Elliott Owen

"The Fences" written by August Wilson, directed and performed by Allen Maldonado and Choice Skinner

"The Saturday Night Strangler" written & directed by David Branin and performed by Kevin Deen, Theo Dumont, and Philip Hersh

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