Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jacob Magnuson Receives Magnificent Review!!!

Forgive us if this is a little bit dated, but we have just come across this review.

Jacob Magnuson, star of "Honey, I'm Home" is also coming off his role as "Ed" in the theater production of Joe Salazar's "Free Bird" which concluded in May.

Debi Hall of Notes From Hollywood had this to say of Jacob.

"And where did he find Jacob Magnuson? What a diamond in the rough this superstar was!"

and she goes into more detail...

"Jacob Magnuson was stunning as Ed. He created relationships with the other characters that superceded a suspension of disbelief. It was clear to everyone in the audience that he was deeply committed to this role and performed it with heart and integrity. I believed every word he said and cared deeply about his life. His passion for Joe’s script filled everyone with tears by the end of the performance. It’s clear blue skies for Jacob as he climbs the ladder of success."

Here is the full article,

Diamond in the Rough

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