Friday, September 28, 2007

Jordan Allen Music Video Update

We regretfully must report to our friends and fans, Jordan Allen's friends and fans and to the hundreds of actresses who submitted to us that due to circumstances beyond our control, the making of the music video, "Extraordinary" has been indefinitely suspended.

Our deepest apologies to you. We want to reiterate that there have been some unforeseeable hurdles which keep us from moving forward at this time. If and when things change on the matter, we will let you know here.

On our front, focus has shifted to a brand new feature film idea that has manifested over the past week. It now takes priority over all other projects. We are having our first script read/collaboration this weekend and hope to gear up for production in the upcoming months. If you are a producer interested in joining our team, please send a note to

Expect a lot more news on this new feature film in the upcoming weeks.

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