Friday, July 08, 2005

Weekend GET AWAY debuts on IFILM

Writer/Director David Branin wanted to do something extra with the 24 hours given to him on Leap Day February 29th, 2004. His plan was to shoot another film. With a group of actors volunteering their time, he told them to dress in a way that they normally don't dress and come ready to shoot a film. The film was shot with no budget other than borrowing a camera and paying for pizzas. This film is 100 percent improv as nothing was planned. The credit must be given to Dan Sol, Karen Worden, Theo Dumont, Kevin Deen, Chris Cain and Damon Campbell (making his Dream Regime debut). The took simple ideas and turned them into characters that are easy to relate to and understand. Here's the synopsis:

Warning: Two things you need to know about this film. 1) This is an intricately woven comprehensive mind puzzle. 2) You'll never figure it out.

The film can be enjoyed here, Weekend GET AWAY!!!

R. Kelly

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R2K said...

Thats actually a really good idea.

Sometimes good things come from half improv, coffee and cigarettes had some examples of that I suppose.