Saturday, July 09, 2005

Weekend GET AWAY! named "IFILM PICK"

IFILM, which receives thousands of movies every year was impressed with our recent film "Weekend GET AWAY."

Here's quoted text from a message we received,

"Congratulations! Your film, "Weekend GET AWAY!" has been designated an "IFILM Pick" by the IFILM Programming Committee. As an "IFILM Pick," your film is now eligible to receive these Premium Benefits:

- Complimentary encoding in Real SureStream(tm), QuickTime(tm) AND
WindowsMedia formats

- Complimentary hosting

- Online Promotions: Your film may be featured on the home page, IFILM channel pages, IFILM showcases, IFILMpro,, Yahoo! and elsewhere across the IFILM Network.

The specific benefits your film will receive may vary. We suggest you
check the site often to track the placement of your film and the ratings
and reviews submitted by viewers. We hope that "Weekend GET AWAY!"
will become one of IFILM's "Success Stories."

Again, our congratulations. We are proud to present your film as an
"IFILM Pick."

The heralded film may be viewed here, Weekend GET AWAY!!!


Wade Marshall said...

This blog also wins the award for "Least Number Of Comments".

R2K said...

:O) Not for long!

Comon everyone!