Friday, July 28, 2006

Our First Shipment of "Shoot-Out" DVD's Have Just SOLD OUT!!!!!

It's great news and sad news at the same time! We are thrilled with the positive response to our "Shoot-Out" DVD. We hope to sell many more copies. The sad news is we must apologize to those who have ordered the DVD and must wait for our next shipment to come in Please be patient with us. We ordered more DVD's this time around to help meet the demand. We've been told that the order has gone right to the presses so we are not expecting a long delay. We will get your DVD to you as soon as we get them. Thanks to all who have supported us and have purchased the DVD. We wanted to keep the first shipment to a reasonable goal that we could surpass. You helped us meet that goal. We certainly appreciate all of you. We have a way of thanking you which will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Our best,

David, Tyshawn, Daniel

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