Tuesday, July 04, 2006

"Shoot-Out" mention in the Brainerd Dispatch Newspaper!

"Shoot-Out" which was showcased at EgoFest in Brainerd, MN is mentioned as one of the "Best of the Festival" by entertainment editor John Hansen of Brainerd Dispatch.

Here is what he wrote,

"Shootout, David Branin, California - A great premise: Two men play a one-on-one basketball game to the death. One guy is cocky, saying he's never lost a game with a bet riding on it; the other wants to put him in his place (or in the ground). It's plenty intense just watching the hoops action, which naturally comes down to sudden death. After the game, things really get interesting as moral questions are raised."

Here is the full article, "It's plenty intense just watching the hoops action"

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