Thursday, October 04, 2007

Filmmaker David Branin interviewed by Short End Magazine

In a follow up to the HollyShorts Film Festival, I was contacted by Noralil Ryan Fores from Short End Magazine for an interview. What a blessing it is to have an interview done by a true professional such as Noralil.

She has done an excellent job piecing together this interview we conducted several weeks ago. Now you have a chance to benefit from her work and learn a little more about me.

I just want to point out to you how quickly things can change. When I was talking to Noralil, I was gearing up to make my short film, "R E F R A G M E N T E D" It is a very strong piece of writing and a film I still hope to make in the near future. Yet, since this interview I have come up with a new Feature Film idea that is coming on so fast that it is now taken precendence over all other projects which include my other planned feature film. It is an idea so fertile that it makes me wish I was going into production today on it.

Sorry, more to come on that project soon.

Here is my interview with Noralil.

Short End Magazine interviews Filmmaker David Branin

More about Short End Magazine - Launched in April 2007 as a weekly online publication, SM serves to tell stories from the independent and student film communities with an eye toward sharing thoughts and critique about trends within the scene.

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