Sunday, October 14, 2007

True Hollywood Talk - Video Interview with Filmmaker David Branin

If you have been following our blog news for a while, you probably remember me mentioning during our post HollyShorts Film Festival news that I was interviewed by three different outlets. The first of those interviews has now made it's way online.

Really want to thank Steven Buchsbaum from for this interview. His work ethic and passion is quite admirable. He has started True Hollywood Talk through his own determination, showing his love for the film business. His support of the film community especially the indie film community is phenomenal. He updates his video interviews constantly giving us all great content which also includes Hollywood news and a classified section.

As I type this, my interview is featured on the front page of which is tremendous exposure. Hurry up and try and check it out as soon as you can to see if you can catch it on the homepage.

I was a little nervous during this interview, so I wasn't on top of my game as much as I would like to be. Very glad to have done the interview though and looking forward to sharing it with you. Would love to have your comments. I thought I did fairly well.

Here is the direct link to the interview in case it's time on the homepage has elapsed.

True Hollywood Talk interviews Filmmaker David Branin

Have more exciting news coming your way so stay with us.

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