Monday, October 22, 2007

The Movies Made Me Do It REVIEWS "Honey, I’m Home"

For the Subject, I was going to type in "The Movies Made Me Do It REVIEWS Honey, I'm Home AGAIN!!!" which would be more appropriate since we have already received one review from Chad Connolly of MvMMDI.

Wanted to give you a little backstory on how this latest review came about. I received an email out of the blue from Chad's partner at, Tristan Wright. As I do sometimes in these news updates, here is an excerpt of what Tristan wrote me,

"Mr. Branin,

I am currently a reviewer for the website Chad Connolly suggested your movie, "Honey, I'm Home" to me after one of our many conversations about independent film"

How amazing! It's a dream scenario for someone like me who is doing all he can to gain exposure and have his work seen. Of course I didn't let the opportunity slip away and was glad to send Tristan a copy of "Honey, I'm Home" to review. Even took it a step further by sending him a copy of my previous film, "Shoot-Out" He loved both, giving both films 8/10 scores.

With that, here is the link to the review

Tristan Wright of MvMMDI Reviews Honey, I'm Home

(from there, you have to click on "Show Review" across from Tristan)

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