Wednesday, December 05, 2007

10th Official Selection for "Honey, I’m Home"!!!

We are very happy to announce that "Honey, I'm Home" has been accepted into it's 10th Film Festival.  It is great to reach the double digit mark.  We received official word from Jerry Kovar of the Sarasota Film Society that "Honey, I'm Home" will screen December 3rd, 2007 at Burns Court Cinemas in Brandenton, Florida at 8:30 pm as part of the Filmmakers Forum Series.

For a movie made on such a miniscule budget of under $100, "Honey, I'm Home" is showing a lot of vitality with critics and also on the festival circuit.  Love to see it, as we work on getting our first feature film made.  Details on that front coming in the near future.

For further details on the Sarasota Film Society and the upcoming "Honey, I'm Home" screening, you may visit:

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