Tuesday, February 12, 2008

F*ck AtomFilms

Had a friend ask me the other night, "Do you ever get fired up?" He said he wanted to see me mad. I generally keep a cool demeanor, yet it does not mean that passion does not burn within me.

My standard approach is to report the positive stuff happening my films and other projects. There is no need to bash the festivals that we didn't get into and things like that.

Yet when I receive an email from yourfriend@atom.com with the subject "AtomFilms Content Removal" and the message ends with "***We're sorry, but due to the volume of submissions we're not able to respond to questions about why your film wasn't selected.***" This is something that really pisses me off.

You have to be kidding me. I do not proclaim that "Honey, I'm Home" is the greatest film in the world. Yet I can say it is a quality film with a solid track record. It was made with a microscopic budget, features a memorable performance from lead actor Jacob Magnuson, has been accepted into more than 15 International Film Festivals and won the Audience Choice Award at last year's HollyShorts Film Festival. Not to mention that the trailer for the film has been seen over 30,000 times and counting. The preview of the film on Cruxy.com (where it was uploaded in December) has over 20,000 hits and climbing.

Is AtomFilms really that great where they are going to pass on "Honey, I'm Home"? They really come off as an arrogant and smug organization. Also in the email is this sentence, "Thanks again for thinking of us and please, send more of your movies to AtomFilms! We'd love to see them."

What? You want to see more of my films after turning my film down. You can see them on other sites! I am through with AtomFilms. I believed they would have made the perfect match to be the online distributor for a film that will do very well online. They want to turn down a filmmaker who's work has been viewed millions of times on dozens of sites across the world wide web?

Yeah, I'm fired up, and I'm mad.

Now I will gladly take my film elsewhere. So far I am considering MetaCafe and Revver. Do you know of any other sites or alternatives I should explore?

The silver lining in all of this, is now you know that "Honey, I'm Home" will make it's online debut very soon.

F*k Atomfilms!

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Matt said...

There's ReelConnect.com. They're new but I like them better than AtomFilms.