Monday, November 27, 2006


We have just completed a distribution deal with FilmBaby.
"Shoot-Out" is now available for purchase through their site

We are thrilled that FilmBaby now offers "Shoot-Out" as it opens up another outlet where our fans can buy the DVD.

About "Shoot-Out"

"Shoot-Out" is the critically acclaimed and award winning independent hoops drama written and directed by David Branin. It stars Tyshawn Bryant and Daniel Sol. It has recently been featured at,,, and It features breathtaking cinematography, actors that can ball, and an ending you'll be talking to your friends about.

More about Filmbaby

Film Baby is a dream-come-true for fans of Independent Film and those who create it. At Film Baby, we have a love for all things artful and Independent: music, media, coffee, retail, and film. We recognize and appreciate the honesty, intensity, and emotion that are born as a result of crafting a small budget film.

Film Baby is much more than a store. It is a destination for film fans to learn about different genres of movies, discover new directors, and spend countless hours viewing trailers.

With a worldwide audience of film fans, Film Baby provides film makers with a targeted outlet for their works. Our agreements with artists are non-exclusive, artist friendly, and in the true spirit of Independent Art Culture. We exist to propel indie film forward, not to gouge those who entertain, educate, and move us. Film Baby is constantly making moves that will benefit the whole of the indie film making community.

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