Monday, January 14, 2008

Lake County Film Festival Accepts "Honey, I’m Home"!!!

I was in the middle of working on a feature story synopsis, when I received the fantastic news that "Honey, I'm Home" has been accepted into the Lake County Film Festival! Have to admit, this is a festival we did not expect to be accepted into, so this news is very well received. This makes 14 Official Selections for "Honey, I'm Home." Really happy to see our $100 film continue to win over judges and fans alike.

Even better is the way the news came about. It wasn't through email or a letter, it was through a phone call with Nat Dykeman, Festival Director of the Lake County Film Festival. To hear first hand that a Festival Director really enjoyed your film...I mean, what can I really say. It is a fantastic feeling.

Will post more detailed information as it becomes available.

Until then, here is the official site: Lake County Film Festival

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