Thursday, August 23, 2007

Movie Jungle awards "Honey, Im Home" 9 out of 10 rating!!!

Do you have fun checking your email? For me there has been a lot of excitement as I open email pertaining to our latest film, "Honey, I'm Home"

I am very proud of "Honey, I'm Home" but I did not anticipate the kind of reaction we are getting for this film that we shot in five hours for less than $100. Usually this kind of praise is saved for films shot with megabudgets and contain household names.

Never did I imagine I would open an email, like the one I just received from Peter Dimako, Editor in Chief of

Here it is...

"Hi David,

Saw it and absolutely loved it! 9/10 score; it's outstanding and highly entertaining."

That was in his private email to me. In his official review he provides this quote.

"Dream Regime Productions in association with Def Films presents a David Branin directed and written film that is absolutley brilliant!"

Peter, thank you for taking the time to review our work. Very happy to know that you enjoyed "Honey, I'm Home" Hopefully with the help our your review and those like yours, it will push us in the direction of reaching our goal to have it screen in all 50 states while reaching an ever growing mass audience.

Here is the full review scores "Honey, I'm Home" 9 out of 10!!!

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