Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our First Bad Review

Imagine you are an artist. A filmmaker, musician, actor, writer, poet, painter…whatever your art may be, once you start putting your art out to the public, you open it up to criticism.

It's not something to shy away from, it is something to embrace.

Now imagine this. A critic views your work, and let's you know up front that he isn't going to write the best review regarding your work. In other words, your creation is about to be bashed.

You have two choices, thank the critic for his time and move on. Or you can walk into the fire and welcome the criticism.

What would you do?

To our surprise, all of our early reviews of "Honey, I'm Home" have been pretty amazing. Now we were given warning, there was a bad review coming. Our first blemish. Yet we were given the choice to avoid it. How often does that happen?

Jonathan Hickman of is a classy guy, extremely professional. We are big fans of his work and his opinions. We thank him for taking his time to view our latest effort and offer us his honest thoughts. No honest review is a bad review.

For us, there was no dilemma in answering the question of whether to accept the review or not. We are thankful for it.

Here is the full review – Reviews "Honey, I'm Home"

Often there is good news hidden within all the bad news we receive. In our case here, if this is the worst review we receive for "Honey, I'm Home" we are in great shape.

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