Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Rub: Movie Reviews - "Enjoyed it more the second time around"

Check out that headline again! That is a great way to sum up "Honey, I'm Home" It is the kind of film that is 'surprising' on it's first viewing but one that you will probably need to see a second time.

Take a look at the full quote from Film Critic, Jeremy Welsch who is the man behind "The Rub: Movie Reviews"

"During a second viewing, even armed with the knowledge of how the story turned out, I was surprised at how well the story was set up leading up to the twist, and I actually enjoyed it more the second time around."

Jeremy, the review is well worth the wait. Glad you enjoyed the film. It is a great compliment to know that you watched our film more than once. Thank you for your time and for sharing our work with your audience.

Here is the full review - The Rub: Movie Reviews - "Honey, I'm Home"

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