Monday, August 13, 2007

Review - This is some scene - "Remarkable acting ability displayed by Jacob Magnuson"

Coming off an amazing weekend at HollyShorts. Don't worry, I will be providng you a recap of the festival very soon. First I have to get you caught up on the reviews we have coming in for "Honey, I'm Home"

I believe Ralph James of This is some scene provided us our fastest review ever! According to my records, I mailed out the DVD screener on one day and Ralph had his review up the very next day. Have never seen anything like it.

Not only did Ralph provide us a fast review, it is concise and well-written. He had some amazing things to say about our film.

Here is the full review - This is some scene reviews "Honey, I'm Home"

About This is some scene: Guerilladelphia has developed to report and review the Entertainment World in true Guerilladelphia style! Ralph James Ippoliti is joined by Chris Blake Sasser, Doug Lipski, Kristin Theckston, and Jonathan Jones in covering entertainment news, reviews and interviews. They are in the process of adding to the Guerilladelphia crew of writers.

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